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That Was a Week, That Was….

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THAT WAS A WEEK, THAT WAS.... They say that a week is a long time in Politics, and the same can be said about football. Early last week we were worried that Rangers would fail in Denmark and that in losing Barry Ferguson the squad would struggle to cope with the rigours of domestic and European football. However, the team put those worries behind them with a very professional performance in Denmark that ensured that we would be feasting from the Champions League table this year. The entire team deserve immense credit for their performance that showed a determination and togetherness that outweighed any negatives that could be drawn from the game. Michael Ball, Zurab, Henning Berg, Mikel Arteta and Shota deserve special praise as they were outstanding. The management team also deserve enormous credit for continuing the progress of the club on the pitch. After Copenhagen, came the inevitable sale of Barry Ferguson for 7.5 million (rising to 9 million) to Blackburn Rangers, sorry Rovers. To compensate for Barry's departure, Rangers signed Emerson on a two year deal (free transfer). Kevin Muscat also left (to Millwall) and Egil Ostenstad arrived on another free transfer. ...read more.


However, Rangers once agains showed their fighting spirit and Shota repeated Wednesday's heroics by scoring a carbon copy volley. Arteta sealed the victory with a penalty in the final minute to round off a fantastic week for Rangers Football Club. Gong into the international break, we have a 100% domestic record, sit top of the SPL and have navigated a way into the CL. I would have taken that at the start of the season given all the negativity that seems to have attached itself to the impartial Scottish media and more worringly, sections of the Rangers support. OUR DEBT With the AGM just around the corner, the press and rival fans are going into overdrive trying to predict the true extent of our debt. The figures will cover last season and may well show an increase in debt as we had no European revenue and the Mikel Arteta transfer will be taken into account. None of the cost cutting measures put in place this close-season (the sale of Fergie, Amo and McCann and the release of CC, Numan, Bertie and Muscat) ...read more.


Thanks Shug, you certainly brightened up my day. INTERNATIONAL WEEK As it is "international" week, Id like to wish Scotland and the rest of the home nations all the best. I would extend the good wishes to any international team that has a Rangers player in it! QUOTE - UNQUOTE Nothing like commentators and footballers to make a fool of themselves ; "You - after the game" - Pint size Joe Cole shows that we graduated from the Paulo Di Cannio School for hard-nuts as he faces up to Birmingham's (ex-bricklayer) Geoff Horsefield. "He's not a spin bowler is he" - Big Ron on Roberto Carlos as the Brazilian prepares to take one of his "trade-mark" free kicks. "Look's like Stephen Hendry has a tough semi-on" (or is it just the way he is standing?) - commentary from snookers world championships. But I'll leave you with words of wisdom from Mr. Noel Gallagher. This is probably the most sense he has ever talked - "I'd rather kick my daughter out of the house than have her support Arsenal or Manure"...... ...read more.

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