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The concept of globalization has challenged thestudy of International Relations from every aspect of the InternationalRelations theory. Globalization has undermined everything philosophers havecontributed to the theory of international relations....

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The concept of globalization has challenged the study of International Relations from every aspect of the International Relations theory. Globalization has undermined everything philosophers have contributed to the theory of international relations. Unlike International Relations, globalization doesn't focus on the types of actors, because that's not important in globalizations systems. In this paper, I will reveal how states shifted from an international relations system into a system of globalization.; furthermore I will analyze globalization from five different aspects, and reveal the negative and positive contributions of globalization to the international community. ...read more.


The shifting of the states from an international system was not anything planned but the world just began to come together in term of ideas, communications, trade and other areas. The international Relations theory separates the actors by the realist, liberalist and actors. Through globalization the global world has become in synch with one another and states are linking together to make this world work. Economically, globalization has been greatly encouraged since the Second World War, with the introduction of free trade agreements such as GATT. Technologically, the Information Technology revolution has resulted in massive improvements in communication, through faxes, email, and the internet. ...read more.


As a consequence to the dilution of cultures, Environmentally problems are increasingly becoming global problems. Therefore, countries are no longer able to look at environmental issues in isolation. This has been dramatically illustrated for example by the 9-11 attack on America. After this tragedy the world came together to help in the relief of America. It didn't matter if one was black or white or from another country. The United States is the primary actor of the States and when the Unites States came under attack as it did in 9-11 the whole world bound together for relief. While Globalization has many positive aspects many view globalization as being negative. ...read more.

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