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The Limits on Economic Resources

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´╗┐Economic Resources In this world we live in we can only have a certain amount of needs to live, however we can have unlimited wants and as humans we constantly want more and more, we are very rarely satisfied with what is on our plate. However there are only finite resource such as machines, workers and other natural resources, because of this we are not able to produce unlimited amounts of items and by having limited amounts of things such as wheat farms then we must choose what to do with the resources we could turn it into food or into fuel. This is called the opportunity cost. ...read more.


This means that in most cases these manufactors are not taking into consideration the environmental impacts of creating their product in the cheapest manor possible. This has caused quite a lot of migration due to labour where people move to different parts of the world to find better jobs with more money. A good infrastructure is essential for economic growth. This means things such as road and rail networks and telecommunications such as cable and satellite with technology expanding year by year a good online infrastructure is key for success. Entrepreneurs are individuals who supply products to a market to make a profit. They take risks form investing in a business in hope of making a profit. ...read more.


After reading this article I have found out that there are many factors involved in creating a successful business model and that the world we leave in can no longer sustain our needs for its resources much longer, things need to change so that we can continue to live on this planet. But still many people choose to ignore the warning sign and in this time of economic instability many people have thrown their ethical opinions out the window in order to be able to live a life with luxury?s and cheap goods such as electronic equipment e.g televisions and computers. If things do not change we will leave the future generation to face the consequences of our actions By Michael Gelyanah ...read more.

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