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What difference does globalisation make to sociology?

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What difference does globalisation make to sociology? Sociology is the study of society and its make up. Sociology explores the generic constitution of society and how factors such as beliefs, lifestyle, education, religion can shape it. By dictionary definition, globalisation is the 'growth to a global or worldwide scale; "the globalisation of the communication industry". The question here is whether there is a connection between the two definitions and if so how. One could go a step further and suggest whether society affects how the world is globalised? These are a few issues that need to be addressed. It is claimed that globalisation can be categorised with three different focuses, though they are intimately entwined with each other, all of which I intend to examine and discuss (i)Culture, (ii) States and boundaries and (iii)Economic relations and economics activities. Marshall McLuhan [1964] argued more than a quarter of a century ago an emergence which he called the 'global village.' This was made possible by a revolution in communication and transportation systems that have transformed our experience of time and space. The world is now seen as 'one' due to the vast amount of facilities and accessibility each country has. ...read more.


[Kivisto 1998, pg 159] In comparison, Millions of people throughout the world journey from countryside to towns and from towns to cities. They travel because they are fleeing from violence in their homelands, come to gain an education or the majority come to look for jobs. This has become apparent because travel is easier and cheaper. People therefore migrate partly due to poverty and unemployment in the regions they live of origin. Immigrants come looking for work and business owners prefer them because they are cheap labour and can be hired illegally thus avoiding rules on taxation and pay rights. Similarly, global politics means that states impose taxes on people throughout the planet and maintain law and order by force when necessary [Abram de Swann, 2001]. [Abram de Swann 2001] International trade is another feature of how globalisation has made on society. It has increased links between countries. This Free Movement of Goods is a good example of how the European Countries allow good to freely move from EC country to another increasing globalisation and strengthening society support for it. States and Their Boundaries - Politics The increased speed of the population movement has led to the rise in the number of people moving around the world. ...read more.


The system was based on the 'import and export of fabrics, shipped by British traders from America to Africa, where they were exchanged for slaves, who were deported to the American plantations on a large scale. This is another factor which relates to the increased population movement. Africa, exclusively produces raw materials, without any industry or banking system of their own. The oil-producing countries occupy a special position. Accumulate tremendous wealth, even though they only provide raw materials. [Abram de Swann, 2001] In conclusions, globalisation is not one phenomenon. It is many, which depends on the starting point; cultural, political and economic. Starting from one or the other would then paint a different picture, albeit there are crossovers. In understanding the world we must embrace all three to begin to understand globalisation. It would be true to say globalisation is making a difference to sociology and also sociology is making a difference on how the world is globalised. Globalisation affects each and every member of the world so it does make a difference to people's living hence may be smaller than to others. The major difference globalisation makes it unites countries rather than separating them making us all live in harmony and create a stable global village. ...read more.

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