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What is Fair trade?Fair trade is an organisation, which guarantees a better deal for producers in the developing world

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Fair Trade What is Fair trade? Fair trade is an organisation, which guarantees a better deal for producers in the developing world. It makes sure that the farmers of the foods are paid a fair price for their produce. Fair trade ensures that the money we pay for the goods mainly goes towards the farmers and not to the supermarket owners, Europe taxes and importers. ...read more.


What is the Fair Trade mark? This is the Fair Trade mark it is used on all fair trade products, it is the logo of Fair Trade. Look out for the FAIRTRADE Mark on packaging on a range of products such as tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, honey, biscuits, fresh fruit and juices available in most supermarkets and some independent stores. ...read more.


How have Fair Trade sales gone in the UK? Fair Trade has boomed in the UK with an average �2:00 spent on Fair Trade Products every second. In 1994, the value of Fair Trade products at the checkout was 2.75 million pounds now, it has reached 63 million pounds. ?? ?? ?? ?? Alex Orski Fair Trade Geography ...read more.

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