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Why Was Slavery Abolished?

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WHY WAS SLAVERY ABOLISHED? In 1807 the slave trade was abolished in the British Empire. This meant that no ship from Britain w as allowed to carry slaves from Africa to America. This wasn't the end of slavery though. The abolitionists like William Wilberforce, Olavdah Equiano and Thomas Clarkson were still fighting for abolition of slavery and carried on campaigning. They argued in parliament on moral, economic, religious legal and revolutionary grounds. The moral case was important. It was about the way slaves were treated etc. The English navy was stopping other boats from using the slave trade which other countries saw as unfair. They didn't see why the English could have slaves and they could not. ...read more.


Most of them never bought their freedom and worked for all their lives. The abolitionists put forward these points and others showing how cruel slavery was. The economic case was also very important. Sugar in France was 20% cheaper than The English could sell it for. A lot of merchants stopped investing in the slave trade and started investing in other things like the new empire in India. Slaves were being kept and very little money was being made by it. The religious case was saying that slavery was wrong because God does not want to fight or keep people unhappy. People should be treated equally. Some people said that if you kept slaves you would never get to heaven. ...read more.


He was claiming that the slaves were cargo and this caused a lot of dispute around Britain. There were also a lot of problems in the Caribbean. Slaves were rebelling and running away. A bunch of slaves had captured the island of and kept it as a sanctuary for any black slave. This island was covered in forest which was like the forest they had lived in in Africa so they could fight well under these conditions unlike the white people. Slaves were starting crop fires and burning away a lot of the sugar being produced. Slavery was eventually banned but it took until 1833 to be completely stopped. I think the moral case is the most important because the slaves were kept and treated so badly just because they were black. ...read more.

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