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World Trade Organisation.

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World Trade Organisation Khoa Nguyen The World Trade Organization's (WTO) was initially formed to regulate trade between nations and was portrayed as a dangerous threat to the environment (Weinstein 2001) but they have come to realize the importance of protecting the environment and have made efforts towards developing principles to implement environmental concerns. The main argument for the WTO to regulate environmental issues includes the protection of the environment. In 1996, the US blocked imports of shrimp from countries that did not devices designed to safeguard endangered sea turtles in their fishing fleets. ...read more.


(WTO 2002) WTO policing also enables regulation of unlawful trade restrictions. An example was when the "WTO trade panel ruled that the United States had wrongfully blocked imports of Venezuelan and Brazilian gasoline, which the United States claimed violated its clean-air laws". (Weinstein 2001) Another subsequent argument would be to give all countries an equal footing in competitive trade. Developed nations with high environmental policies, would thus be under unfair trade conditions when competing with nations operating free from stringent regulations. ...read more.


(French 1993) With rich developed nations driving home environmental conformity policies, smaller countries that are unable to comply with large trading nation's demands will thus face financial difficulties - possible worldwide recession posing a far greater problem. Environmental consideration may sometimes be overlooked in pursuit of economic development, but at what cost? It is far beneficial for the WTO to make positive grounds towards the betterment of our future environment though policing environment related issues through trade regulations and to find alternative ways to help those nations who are agriculturally export dependent, than to have nothing left in the future to trade at all. ...read more.

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