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A Comparison between "Base Details" and "Leaving for the Front"

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A Comparison between "Base Details" and "Leaving for the Front" The two poems, "Base Details" by Siegfried Sassoon and "Leaving for the Front" by Alfred Lichtenstein, are two great pieces of literature written in the First World War. However the two, are fairly contrasting works of poetry, since Base Details is a very satirical poem for the reason that it is ridicules the Majors in the First World War and because Lichtenstein's poem describes the unfeigned feelings of a soldier going to the war. The features that are the most contrasting are the content of the poems and the uses of imagery in these pieces. Nevertheless the poems also have common attributes like their rhythms. Sassoon's poem is a parody of highly ranked officers, majors and generals in the army. It creates a sardonic picture of how comfortable they lives were and how they were responsible for killing young soldiers by sending them to the front, but they themselves were never in danger as they did not have to fight. ...read more.


The ways in which the poems are told are contrasting as well. In "Leaving for the Front" Lichtenstein portrays his own situation as a normal soldier who was sent to the front but Sassoon talks in his poem out of the perspective of one of the majors," I'd say-'I used to know his father well;'". Therefore Sassoon has not actually experienced all the things he is talking about but is only assuming some parts by describing stereotypical behaviour of majors he has heard about. The metaphors, the similes and the imagery in general are dissimilar since they have to be used and altered in order to fit with the content of the poems. Therefore, one can say that both poems have in common that they use metaphors and similes to emphasize the meaning. Lichtenstein's poem uses imagery standing for his upcoming death e.g. "We're marching off in company with death" and "Now look how the sun's begun to set". On the contrary Sassoon uses metaphors which emphasis how valueless these soldiers are i.e. ...read more.


Both use rhyme but they differ in the type they use. Sassoon used ABAB and Lichtenstein utilized AABB. Both pieces do not use any other devices of sounds in a poem like onomatopoeia, alliterations or assonances. The readers can enjoy these works of poetry greatly. "Base Details" is very gripping through its fantastic satirical descriptions of the majors which are amusing, but even though that the poem is very entertaining it also arouses the reader's attention and provokes him to think about how worthless the lives of single soldiers were. "Leaving for the Front" on the other hand talks about something totally different but it secures the reader's empathy for the soldier who has to leave his family as well. One feels sorry for the soldier because he is going to die very soon. Both poems are able show how soldiers of different ranks felt about this war but both do this in unique and different ways. ?? ?? ?? ?? A Comparison between "Base Details" and "Leaving for the Front" 1 ...read more.

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