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A comparison between Helen's character from 'Dear Nobody' written by Berlie Doherty with Juliet's character from 'Romeo and Juliet' written by William Shakespeare

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A comparison between Helen's character from 'Dear Nobody' written by Berlie Doherty with Juliet's character from 'Romeo and Juliet' written by William Shakespeare The main character in 'Dear Nobody' - Helen - fell in love with a boy called Chris. There relationship is long standing it was strong and they were very much in love with each other. They came to a moment were they both felt that they were ready to make love. Neither of them thought about what would happen after they had made love. They went ahead with it because both Helen and Chris were in love. The character in 'Romeo and Juliet' - Juliet - a Capulet fell in love with Romeo, a Montague. Both families disliked each other besides the feuds between both of the families Romeo and Juliet were too much in love to forget about each other. Both of the stories are about young love in particular and the decisions surrounding the emotion. Helen In the play 'Dear Nobody' Helen became pregnant with Chris' baby. ...read more.


Helen's relationship with Chris was very strong before she found out that she was pregnant. When she found out she was pregnant she decided to be apart from Chris, but this also made her feel lonely and upset. Helen's mother told her that she couldn't see Chris anymore but she carried on seeing him until she told him that it was over between them. Helen had coped very well with her pregnancy along with Chris and her mother. During her pregnancy she would write letters to her unborn baby. She would start her letters with "Dear Nobody", Chris found these and read of them before leaving to go and see Helen, at the hospital when he got there the baby was born. I believe that Helen took a lot of consideration in what her plans for the future was; she had her dream to study well and get through her A-levels but also wanted to live her life with her baby. It was a very hard decision for Helen, she thinks she made the right decision but her mother stills wants her to go off and do her A-levels. ...read more.


When she saw Romeo she knew that she was in love with him and this shows us a womanly maturity. Her love for Romeo is very tender and deep. Juliet's relationship with the nurse is very strong. The nurse is like a mother to her and she always relies on the nurse such as when she needed to talk to Romeo and on the day of the wedding day. The nurse is a very cheerful person with a lovely sense of humour, she is devoted to Juliet. Juliet shows us that she is a very brave young lady when she goes to Friar Lawrence and takes the potion from him. When Juliet joined Romeo's death it showed us that she was deeply in love with him. Romeo and Juliet was written hundreds of years ago, there is a similarity between the two stories, which is that they both are about love. I noticed that Juliet and Helen are both very brave in facing up to their problems. Both Helen and Juliet are prepared to face anything in order to do what they think is best for themselves. Sonica Hira ...read more.

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