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A comparison of Dulce Et Decorum Est and The Disabled.

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"Dulce Et Decorum Est and The Disabled" The two poems I have chosen are Dulce ET Decorum Es and Disabled. I felt that of the poems that I was given to choose from these two told a tragic and effective story of what war was really like. Both of these poems were written at a time when Wilfred Owen seemed to be bitter, some might say disenchanted by the whole situation. I have chosen Dulce Et because it describes the struggle of a group of people who have to struggle through the most extraordinary events day in day out. I have chosen Disabled because it shows the struggle of one man who everyday contemplates his wasted life. All he has are the memories but they seem to become more distant as the days go on. Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patri Moria translated in to English means It Is Sweet And Honourable To Die For Ones Country. If someone is reading the poem for the first time and learns of the English meaning of the title before reading the poem they may feel it is a poem that represents the army in a good way. How this assumption is further from the truth. After reading the poem a number of times I have come to a conclusion that Owen named the poem this because of the strong statement that he makes in the poem. ...read more.


This is the country that sold him the old lie. "Dulce ET decorum est. pro patria moria." Disabled. Owen is describing someone that he knew in the army. This man was in the Scottish regiment. He has had his leg blown up. He has no legs and his arms are sewn at the elbow. He is in an institute, a nursing home of some sought. He wants for dark because then things will be quiet. He is fed up with life and is waiting to die. He hears voices of boys singing, these are voices of people playing just as he had once played. He talks about the evenings. He says that at this time the towns atmosphere was fun and happy everyone is dancing having fun. He is very sad that he will never again experience this again. He says the girls look upon like he has some kind of disease. He talks of how he will never again feel the waist of a women, he also talks about how he threw away his knees in the war. He was once a lovely face now he looks old. He back is now in a brace this is the back that was not so long ago was a strong as anything. He has lost his colour just like losing blood. He feels as tough he has poured his life away down endless shell holes; he wonders what he has been given for this. ...read more.


However if I was asked about a poem that describes a poem where a person can see how the war affected people. If the latter were the case I would recommend Disabled is in my opinion the most moving of the stories as it represents a mans struggle for his life. This man can offer nothing to his country now. He can't even offer himself something that he feels will make his staying alive worth it. While the people in Dolce Et are still alive this mans souls has in effect died. He has lost his colour and can't get used to the fact of being unpopular. I find Dolce ET Decorum to be the more powerful of the two poems. My reasons are as follows, although Disabled is a very good, very powerful poem in it's own right it only describes the view of one person in the army. I think that what makes Dolce Et so powerful is that Owen speaks for the masses in the army when he talks of the daily horrifying sights and regular attempts by the Germans to gas them. Reading these poems can enlighten a person. Many people say that they live stressful lives and are under extreme pressure. If you think of what these young men must have gone through it can put a lot of things in to perspective. Day in day out these men had to have the weight of a nation on their shoulders this is before they have to dodge land mines and gas attacks. ...read more.

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