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'A Contrasting Pair' - The two poems 'Not My Business' and 'This Room' are both from the different cultures topic.

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Virginia Edmond-Kent- 'A Contrasting Pair' The two poems 'Not My Business' and 'This Room' are both from the different cultures topic. However, they both explore very different ideas and issues. 'Not My Business' concentrates on apathy and oppression and 'This Room' focuses on liberation and revolution. The themes in both poems contrast each other. In 'Not My Business' the main theme is oppression and the one in 'This Room' is the complete opposite, it is about breaking free, with lots of energy and action. You can see that in the other poem the person is unable to act, or do anything about what is going on around him. He can see unfair acts going on but cannot do anything about them because it will result in the oppressor coming for him and maybe his family or the people around him. All that he can worry about is the bear minimum to stay alive, food. ...read more.


In the third paragraph, you read about the rooms objects celebrating the now given freedom. The objects no longer have fixed positions and boundaries they have been given energy and life. You get the feeling that their potential energy has been released. The poem is evocative and makes you feel happy and excited. The poem also includes sensory excitement, when it describes the crowd of various strong smelling and interesting vegetables. It makes you think of the smells and tastes of them and adds to the excitement of the poem. There is quite a wide range of language used in 'Not My Business' whereas in 'This Room' the range of language used is quite select. The first poem uses personification in the first paragraph "And stuffed him down the belly of a waiting jeep"; this sentence gives you a feeling that the jeep is a big, angry, greedy animal. ...read more.


The cracking sound gives you the idea of the room hatching or being re-born. The structures of both poems are very different. The poem 'This Room' has a fast rhythm or beat whereas 'Not My Business' has a slow rhythm. I think this is because the poem 'This Room' is about happiness and freedom that a fast beat tends to reflect. The other poem is about the complete opposite and is slow which is related to sadness. In 'This Room', the structure uses enjambment; when one line " pots and pans bang together in celebration" crosses two stanzas. I think the writer has used this here to emphasise the word celebrating. He wants the fact that the objects are celebrating to be emphasised. A happy feeling is given to the poem. The stanzas are all different lengths in this poem but the stanzas in 'Not My Business' are mostly the same length but are very slow and repetitive. Overall, I think the poems area contrasting pair. They are complete opposites in their meaning but use some of the same language techniques to get the meaning across. ...read more.

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