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A critic has written that Duffys poetry is primarily concerned with human failings. To what extent do you feel this is true of The Worlds Wife? Refer to two or three poems in detail or range more widely through the who

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A critic has writ7ten that "Duffy's poetry is primarily concerned with human failings". To what extent do you feel this is true of 'The Worlds Wife'? Refer to two or three poems in detail or range more widely through the whole collection. Carol Ann Duffy's collection of 'The Worlds Wife' revolves a lot around the subject of human failings. Duffy's use of everyday language allows her poems to be interpreted by everyone. In the collection of 'The Worlds Wife' she tackles serious issues such as gender, contemporary culture, alienation and social inequality. These themes allow her to writing to appeal to a contemporary audience and delivers key messages. The theme of arrogance is seen in several poems, in Mrs Icarus we see that she finds his arrogance unappealing and that she feels as if men feel they can defy the acts of God "he's a total, utter absolute, Grade A pillock." This is similar to Faust, who sold his sole to the devil in return for twenty-four years of unlimited pleasure, knowledge and power; he boasts "I spent the night being pleasured by a virtual Helen of Troy." ...read more.


It ends with "I felt like this: Tongue of stone. Two black slates for eyes. Thumped wound of a mouth. Nobody's Mam." We can see that she has become so obsessed with him, her life has changed forever. Also we are able to identify another theme of motherhood, people were unable to understand how Hindley was able to commit the most abhorrent, sadistic and unforgivable crimes against children as women are associated with protective mother love. We then see that in the third part of the poem, Duffy uses a sonnet in an untraditional form; instead of it being the ordinary love poem, the lack of punctuation shows Hindley's state of mind and she's finally repenting and blaming Brady for all of the murders. The final part of the poem gives different forms of execution and she finally admits she was in fact the Devil' wife. Although this poem is lengthy, the key themes all relate to the main subject of "human failings", love is a key importance in this poem "He held my heart in his fist and squeezed it dry." ...read more.


However interestingly this so-called respect may have given the Kray's the authority they wanted "We wanted respect for the way we entered a bar, or handled a car, or shrivelled a hard-on with simply a menacing look" However ultimately this respect led to the demise of the twins and they may have ruled the west end during their time but landed themselves a life-sentence in prison. Was it really worth it? Respect and honour are meant to be earned with dignity not by threatening and violating people; therefore I think that although this poem contains positive connotations it ultimately displays a failing. Duffy's collection of the Worlds Wife is an interesting selection of poems and it is clear that one of the major themes associated with the collection is Human Failings, although these are not seen clearly and not every persona fails the actions they carry out could be assumed as a failing. The ironical and satirical way Duffy writes displays the dark humour of The Worlds Wife we can see that Duffy tries to impersonate the wives of famous characters both factious and fictions. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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