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A Day In the Life of…

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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... I awake at the buzz of my alarm clock at exactly 7.15,before falling straight back into slumber within the thirty seconds I allow myself to become so much as vigilant to my existence. I lie in my bed half conscious, before my father clambers into the bathroom five minutes after. There is a sudden sense of warmth that surrounds my heart as I am yet again reminded of my whereabouts and finally build up the nerve to step out of bed. I would not consider myself either as a morning person or not, as if I was to say not, I would be lying. When my alarm sounds, I am in between being awake and asleep and often my body gives in to the mere 3 hours sleep I have had. However, if I am satisfied, I will awake with absolute alertness and am almost ready to endure what the day is about to bring. Soon after, my mother bangs loudly on the door as she does not dare to step into my room unless I have not replied within the 30 seconds after. I have a strange understanding with my parents, and had somehow come to an agreement that they were not to step into my room or tamper with my belongings ever since I was the age of 10. ...read more.


My ambition has always been to become a doctor, or to one day discover an outstanding cure for a disease we are still unknown to. It is an important part of my principles that I am able to make a difference to someone's life for the better, whether it is in love or care. This is the basis of my education and I make an extreme effort in concentrating in my lessons. Some however are undoubtedly laborious and seem to stretch over a long period of time in which I think is possibly wasted, for example going through the exact same topic over a length of 5 lessons. I struggle through these, but feel it is still to my advantage that I have been given the opportunity to be given so much attention. At lunch, I force myself into the canteen queue and after 10 minutes I am finally able to breathe in the somewhat sickly aromas of the canteen food! I skim through the selection of lumpy mashed potato and processed sheep guts and settle for a sandwich. I had usually made myself a packed lunch, but as I am now less further away from the school I have the opportunity to sleep another hour extra and have taken this advantage to its maximum capacity and sleep through the other ten minutes in which I would have used preparing lunch. ...read more.


People often say I am stingy with spending my money and I agree. I don't think that it is necessary to spend lots of money at one time, when it usually turns out that you discover you only have a single penny to contribute to the price of the top you saw only ten minutes later. After school I do not have any extracurricular activities and return straight home, before blasting the house with my favourite CD which hopefully, and almost certainly manages to cheer me up and prepare me to launch into yet another pile of homework. Yet again there is the thought of the pointless pieces of work I am doing and I wonder off into another world where I dream about my future careers and what I hope to achieve in life. I sit down and watch another over dramatic screenplay on TV and become enticed by the intense emotions and relative values it has on me. I suddenly find that I have become immersed in the character's thoughts and am yet again in a trance. When I eventually sense my surroundings again it is by now approximately 2am and worry about what I am to do with my life and at the thought, I begin to feel uneasy about my level of sanity before forcing myself into another sleepless night. ...read more.

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