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A discussion of a performance of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream,' Act 3 Scene 2.

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A discussion of a performance of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream,' Act 3 Scene 2. Imagine you are directing the lovers' quarrel in act 3 scene 2. Your directions must include a detailed commentary on the following: - > Characters. > Pace. > Language. > Movement & use of stage. > Mood/ Atmosphere. This is to be written after the first performance in the form of a newspaper article. It can be set in either modern-day, or Elizabethan times. Include: - > A flavour of the appropriate time. > Comments on the fact that the queen was at this performance. > Comments on what the set looked like. > Favourite Scene. > Pick actors and & compliment/ comment on their performance. > Audience Reaction The curtains open with a big shell-like structure, covered in leaves and ivy, to give a platform to be used by the fairies. This platform can mechanically move up and down and can leave the set, for the parts of the scene that are only featuring the humans. There is subtle lighting, with blue, pink and purple shades, dimly lighting the stage and big trees painted on the backdrop, and fake trees on the stage. The performance starts with Oberon on top of the platform, the platform is slowly moving down, into view, from above the stage. ...read more.


...Swifter than arrows from the tartar's bow." Puck leaps from the platform and 'flies' off of the right hand side of the stage, leaving Oberon by himself on the platform. After a while Oberon pulls a purple flower head from the front of the platform and keeps it in his hand, then he too flies from the stage, and lands next to Demetrius, who is laid asleep on the floor. " Flower of this purple dye, Hit with cupid's archery, Sink in apple of his eye." As soon as Oberon has said the last sentence, the lights go off, Demetrius is taken from the stage (out of sight) and a giant eye is lowered down to hang just in front of the backdrop. This represents Demetrius' eye, which Oberon will pour the love juice in. While the lights are down, the small flower that Oberon is holding grows to the size of his fist, and this is used to juice the eye. The lights come back on and you see Oberon in the bottom right of the stage ready to throw the flower. Oberon says the few final words in his script and then throws the flower at the eye. At this point strobe lights are turned on, and loud crashes of thunder sound, this give the effect that something major has just happened. ...read more.


The lights dim on the group, whilst they are on the last line of theirs, and the lights brightens on the platform. "Believe me, king of shadows, I mistook ... ... As this their jangling I esteem a sport" While Oberon stays on the platform throughout the scene, Puck fly's on and off the platform, to again take away the boringness of just standing. Lysander enters, looking for Demetrius. "Where art thou, proud Demetrius?" Lysander then storms off into the woods, still looking for Demetrius. Unknown to Lysander, Demetrius is also looking for him, and they finally bump into each other while on the stage. To add a bit of weariness and to show the woods are frightening to the scene, Lysander walks backwards from offstage to the centre of the stage, so too does Demetrius, but from the other side of the stage. The two finally meet in the middle and bump into each other, jumping after the fright. "Nay then, thou mock'st me!" Helena and Hermia then enter to find Lysander and Demetrius arguing, Puck is still on set, along with Oberon, on top of the platform. The light fades on the group and Oberon, just leaving a light on Puck, dangling in mid air on cables. Puck finally says his final lines, before the lights dim and a bright flash of lightening lights the whole stage for a short period of time and a loud crash of thunder sounds. The scenery is then quickly changed ready for the next scene, while the audience are applauding. ...read more.

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