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A five day dairy of World War II soldier trench life.

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ANDREW MAN 10AH 5 day Dairy of World War II Soldier Trench Life 16th May 1915 This is my 5th week in the trench and I am lucky to be alive. Bombs and shells still fire through the air filling the skies with blinding lights, I sit in my Trench fearing the next gas attack to come. The effect of the gas was horrendous, u would see this green smoke towards you and the only protection you had, was a urinated wet cloth. It would blind your eyes and burn your lungs and you could even get a high fever. You would find it hell to try to swallow or breathe. I hear scientists experimenting on something called a "GAS MASK" I am very cautious so I carry a cloth ready just incase the gas gets into my trench. Machine guns were put to main use to large numbers, it roared shooting 8 or more bullets per second, u have to be very lucky to survive a charge at one, MANY DONT A German shot one of my friends today, the Soldier was in a charge of 300 men and was one that got through. He shot Terry right in the heart I saw it happen right in front of my eyes I reacted fast and lifted my weapon to avenge my friend. ...read more.


I try as hard as possible to stay alive, to not lose my mind. The "Gas Mask" which I heard of, was being issued to every soldier in war. I kept it close to me all times. It was hot and smelly and dusts forms as explosions rip through the ground making us cough. Rats were running through trenches and they eat our food and urinating on our food. I did not eat the infected food as I heard that it caused diseases to spread and if u got ill your chances of staying alive was very minimum. Flies were everywhere 20 were on my wrists and loads of dead ones in the bucket of water. I find it very disgusting that 50 men have to share one gallon of water. I feared of drinking infected water so I made sure I got to the water first. By now my hearing had nearly all gone, I am the only one alive out of everyone I know, many are dead I still morn those, brave or coward. I can say one thing, there was no sense of comradeship in the trenches, it was tension, the fear of being blown up to pieces buried, the fear of gas and the Germans charging. I must sleep now or try to anyway. 18th December 1917 My will to keep alive is terror, after 2 years of serving Britain I am still fighting, close to death and I escaped it. ...read more.


I curse the generals who told those 60,000 souls who walked and then to be shot down like dogs. But I guess it was vital to my existence today, they tested weapons on that battle which make our equipment more accurate more powerful. At this time my hearing is very bad and shouting all the time. I have to write about the food here, its not the best but its war what do u expect? Breakfast was bread and jam or porridge. Lunch was bully beef, stew and a hard biscuit. Tea was Bread and jam. The food was always somehow squash and crushed and had bits in them, maybe because of the poor guy having to carry them up to the trenches by foot. I had seen people die, dying hear people screams while they were shot at, I have buried countless soldiers. Everyone I once knew is dead, all I hope is this war will end I really do. At nighttime a team of men would go out of the trenches and fix the barbed wire and men would sneak undetected to the German trenches and throw grenades. I really hope all this will be over; this is a never-ending nightmare I wish I could end it. I love my wife and children, but im afraid I will never see them ever again. I will end this all now. Perry was in my trench at this night when he put a bullet through his head, may he rest in peace. ...read more.

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