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A lot of action happens in the first 2 acts of the play. How does Shakespeare introduce themes in these acts both verbally and visually?

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A lot of action happens in the first 2 acts of the play. How does Shakespeare introduce themes in these acts both verbally and visually? 6th January in Shakespeare's day, this was a day of comedy where people swapped roles and dressed up for the day before going back to normal life. The play name can be related to this Twelfth Night. The play is developed as you go in many ways and information is given to add to previous or past moments. The play starts as a shipwreck and twins are torn apart for each other by the brutal sea. The female of the twins is rescued and is left on her own not knowing if her brother be dead or alive she is left to take care of herself. In this essay I will be focusing on who I think are the main characters and in what ways they contribute to the themes in the first 2 acts both visually and verbally. The audience will be able to pin point easily where and what the humour means but there are more jokes which need to thought about deeply to get them. ...read more.


The audience know by now the danger that is brewing from the disguises and know both personalities of one person. Feste the fool who is no fool at all is responsible for a lot of verbal wit and more. The proof of this is that he exposes Olivia for mourning her brother. 'I think his soul is in hell, Madonna.' Olivia-'I know his soul is in heaven, fool,' 'The more fool you Madonna to mourn for your brothers soul being in heaven.' Feste has tricked her exposing in the process. The he uncovers the disguise of Viola saying 'Jove in his next commodity of hair send thee a beard.' The songs that Feste sing come from the heart and this helps to reveal his character he speaks the truth in the words that he sings. He also fools with Sir Toby and Andrew. There is falseness in other characters like Sir Toby and Sir Andrew. These two characters are not what they seem for behind closed doors they are like children in an adult world. Sir Toby when in company is a gentlemen a person of dignity and power but his behaviour does not show this. ...read more.


The audience also know that her twin brother Sebastian is still alive and has not perished and even more surprising he is in the land as her. You can guess what might happen there. The potential to confuse between these two people is massive, as they look so similar. This is a big visual aid as we wait for their paths to cross. Shakespeare's whole point in the play is to provide visual or verbal jokes whether they are slapstick comedy for less intellectual or complicated situations that look like trouble. The whole Shakespeare motive is not funny, comical nor fun. It is drama and sadness. Shakespeare is setting a drama through comedy the play is set around trust, who can you trust. No one in the play every person has there own little secret. Disguise is treacherous as viola points out, 'Disguise through art a wickedness wherein the pregnant enemy does much.' Therefore comedy is not what it seems it itself is a disguise for a much darker side to life a much bleaker and unimaginable side nothing we could have thought of. ...read more.

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