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A Passage To India - How far and in what ways does Fielding counteract the behaviour of the

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How far and in what ways does Fielding counteract the behaviour of the "herd"? What does Fielding's actions suggest about his Character? The term "herd" suggests the idea that humans gather together to protect themselves like animals. The English respond to the assault upon Miss Quested in a similar way to this idea of the "herd". It is easier, in this case, to act as a "herd" and stick to the majority of the English, instead of striking out and finding justice, for poor Aziz who has been wrongly convicted. Despite the uproar which will be created, Fielding goes against his cultural background to fight for justice for Aziz. This is best suggested by "oh no, no, but not Aziz...not Aziz". This outburst of emotion expresses Fielding's qualified judgement of character. At first he is shocked, but then it sinks in and he realises that it is simply not in Aziz's character, to perform an act of sexual assault. This judgement instantly creates a barrier between Fielding and the newly forming "herd" because of his genuine wish for Aziz to receive justice. Fielding quickly assumes that there has to be something wrong with Miss Quested as he is so reassured that Aziz's nature could not commit this deplorable crime. ...read more.


Fielding is strategically going against the English policy to discriminate; now this has put him into danger, as the collector will try to put him out of action, as he is seen to be betraying the English justice system within Chandrapore. This truly shows how the "herd" congregates and turns logical intellectual people into fools. Fielding is seen to be doing the wrong thing but he is in actual fact using his brain to sort out the mess caused by Miss Quested. The extreme anger shown by the collector shows the sheer determination on the part of Fielding's character. It also influences the ways in which Fielding is attempting to back Aziz's case to prove innocence and break down the forming of the "herd". Alongside trying to justify Aziz by authoritative judgement he also tries to equip himself with the facts of the case. This has been clearly notified by "He was still after facts, though the herd had decided on emotion". In contrast to the illogical thinking of the rest of the English he is treating the case as if you would under any normal circumstances. However, Fielding realises that he is in India with a group of racist Englishmen who will simply not care if Aziz is a doctor or a nice person. ...read more.


Fielding attempts several angles to achieve success in breaking down the congregating "herd" forming within the British, to achieve justice. This has been closely identified with making his own life difficult for what he truly believes in, betraying his own culture, layering facts to achieve a case and using persuasive techniques to further the destruction of the injustice system. In these ways it displays Fielding's courage to go against people in power to join the unsuccessful party; it also shows loyalty to friend, his knowledgeable judge of character and his intellectual, logical approach to life not just simply discriminating without a thought because Aziz is simply a different race. Although there are ways in which Fielding is na�ve, he has not grasped the concept of justice in Chandrapore; this creates a lack of confidence in his character. After attempting to consider all views about the ways in which Fielding tries to prevent joining his fellow Englishmen in the "herd" it is clear to see that the best possible way is for him to be blunt. Aziz is a doctor, therefore a hardworking man who was an acquaintance of Miss Quested and although of a different race, is the same as anyone else in the world and deserves a fair chance. Without listening to Fielding's argument the English are provoking a battle which is not needed to be taken on board. Hannah West 12MRB English CRF ...read more.

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