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a person i admire

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TORYILL DEACON A PERSON I ADMIRE I would like to tell you about a man I knew, an ordinary man who you would walk past in the street without giving him a second glance. However, to me this man was an inspiration, through his many great qualities he has influenced my life and shaped my future, he is a man I look up to and respect. He was born in 1940; his father was away fighting in the war. His mother was killed by a German bomb when he was three years of age, he was shipped off to live with his grandparents. When the war was over his father left the army and within two years was remarried. His father had four more children from this marriage but being the only child from his father's first marriage he felt that he didn't fit in. He was a lot older than the other children were and was often left out of family activities. ...read more.


He had no help as he had lost touch with his father. He was persistent and never gave up and, in time, he proved himself more than capable of taking care of his family. Whilst his children attended school, he again showed his courage, ambition and determination by retraining. The work that he had done in the Navy wasn't really relevant outside. He needed a career and although as a child he did not do well at school and hated the idea of retraining at the age of 41 he knew he had no choice. He found it hard and he struggled but he never gave up and by the end, he had done it. By no means was he the top of the class but he was a fully qualified mechanic. He got a good job and worked hard to support his family. I admire this man for the support and unconditional love that he showed to his daughter. ...read more.


He hated being dependant on her and she knew it but they never spoke of it. They used to talk and laugh for hours but never once did she hear him complain, never once did she see him sad. In 2002, at the age of 62 the man I admire had a heart attack. His daughter found him when she visited, he was rushed to hospital but was very seriously ill. The daughter had called her siblings and as his three children stood round his bed, he slipped away. The person I admire had a strong set of values that have shaped the way I think and behave. He believed that family was the most important thing. Family comes first he would say, family is above everyone and everything else. He was a very strong man, both physically and emotionally. He showed great courage and determination throughout his life. He was kind and caring. He was loving and loyal. He showed great compassion and understanding. He was my confidant and my best friend. The man I admire is my dad. 1028 words ...read more.

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