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A prequel to 'Of Mice and Men' - Drawn together.

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Drawn together Dawn had barely passed when the playful sounds of laughing and splashing filled the air by a small river in Auburn. The sun streaked heavily through the crispy remains of the last leaves in autumn. It was just cold enough to see your breath floating away in front of you like a tiny silver cloud. The sudden sound of a loud shout encouraged many resting birds to fling them selves noisily from the huge birch trees; causing a shower of autumn leaves to rain upon two fifteen year old boys. "Hey, hey George, I caught one George, I got one of these here lil' fish!" "That's great Lennie, just put um' in the bag." "Okay George I will, I'll put um' right in the bag, and we can take um' home to your ma' and my aunt Clara." With that the tall, broad fifteen year old boy plunged himself towards the sunken river bank, where an old brown shoulder bag lay; half empty with glistening autumn salmon flopping every few seconds as they slowly dried up. ...read more.


One of them, who was short and had pale skin announced "Hey, there's Milton and his dumbass' sidekick!" another of the boys, quite tall with fair hair and light, mischievous features uttered in a sly 'hillbilly' voice "Well, well, if it ain't George Milton and the retard. So what brings y'all' out here?" George had a stern look on his face. He wanted to be part of Scotty Richardson's gang but he always seemed to end up with Lennie. Lennie sat down at the bank to watch the river flow and get deeper as it got nearer to the climbing brush. Hesitating at first George made up yet another excuse for being with Lennie "I, um was making um' catch my ma' some salmon, he ain't bright but damn can he sure catch fish! And its fun with him, coz' he'll do anything I tell um' ta' do, watch this" he turned desperately to Lennie and looked at him for a while thinking; he turned back to the boys and saw their disapproving, cold stares. ...read more.


"Thanks very much George, I really owe ya' one, thanks. You saved me George thank you so much!" "That's fine Lennie" George was very confused, Lennie seemed to have forgotten that he had told him to jump in the river in the first place. "You really scared me then Lennie, maybe you need someone around, ya' know ta' stop you from killin' yourself or summit" "What about you George? You will be good, you saved my life George!" George thought with guilt about how he nearly killed Lennie; he decided he would look after Lennie as much as possible. "Hey Lennie, your lookin' at your new bodyguard." "Wow George you'll do that for me?" "Yeah I guess, now come on, these fish ain't gonna take um' selves ta' ma's!" they both got up and headed down the dusty road. "Hey George? What's a body guide?" asked Lennie. George laughed and gave Lennie a playful push and Lennie laughed and pushed him back "You crazy bastard Lennie!" George joked. Laura Hewett ...read more.

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