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A Teenagers Levels of Maturity

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´╗┐Peterson Savannah Peterson Manzanetti English 9H 16 August 2012 A Teenager?s Levels of Maturity Just remember when your teenager was first learning to walk and you stood behind her ready to catch her when she?d fall. As much as you may want to always be there looking out for them as you did when they were toddlers, there?s a point where you need to trust them to be on their own. Although, in some cases a teen might not prove themselves to be as mature as a parent might expect them to be. Maturity means to be an adult in manner or thought. If your teenager is not capable of being responsible or mature, then the amount of control should be higher. Parental control should be negotiable depending on the teenager?s high or low level of maturity. Teens often feel as though parents are always getting in the way of their life. However, some might feel as though parents are supposed to be there to intervene and check up on them as often as they would like. ...read more.


Not only danger, but also the loss of trust if your son did not communicate with you that he was having friends over, especially when no adults are present. Thus, a parent should have the right to monitor what the child does or says on the Internet. Parents should be able to have more control over their teen if they don?t feel the teen is able to handle themselves or be mature enough outside of their household. Parents may never want to let their child go, but as they grow older teens will need to learn how to be responsible on their own without help. If a teen can prove himself to be responsible or mature then the amount of control the parent has should be lower. As stated by the Massachusetts General Hospital, ?Some researchers feel that teens who are reared in excessively permissive environments may have disadvantages compared to those who are raised in a more flexible but firm setting.? (Mass. ...read more.


Whether the parents think so or not they should not have a lot of control over their teens. Although, the high or low amount should be based on the teen?s level of maturity. Parents will always want to watch what their child is doing and participating in but they need to realize that the teenage years are meant for a teen to live and become independent. In the future parents wont always be there for their teens and in order to be a good parent they need to step back and should prepare their teen to make decisions on their own. However, if teens are not able to be responsible enough to handle being with their friends in public, then the amount of control the parents bestow needs to be greater to set their teen in the right direction. Parents often feel as though their children will forevermore be their precious little ones but eventually they will have to venture off and become responsible for their own self-being. A decision on how much control a parent should have over their child needs to be decided based on the teen?s level of maturity. ...read more.

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