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Albert Einstein is quoted as having said, "the world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it".

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Albert Einstein is quoted as having said, "the world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it". These days, everybody is aware of the social, environmental, emotional and spiritual destruction that penetrates every aspect of our life. Although we all 'know' this reality, we have funny ways of dealing with this knowledge. Some of us look at the other direction, "If I don't see this homeless person laying in the gutter, then he isn't really there." Some pretend it doesn't exist, "It's not possible that they kill women and children, so it cannot be so." Others convince themselves it's not really their problem, "Let the people in the Middle-East kill each other, it doesn't affect me." Some say, it's not their responsibility; "I pay my taxes, so the government should take care of that." Still others like to complain about the situation, "In the old days it was better, today everyone is corrupted, they should have..." The common thread in all these reactions is - inactivity. The result is a terminal disease called apathy. The only cure is taking action. Someone has to start and lead the way, creating a better world. So, what about all of us here? Do we really need to create a better world? Why do we have to create a better world? Because, it is our responsibility - to create a better world and to make this world a better place to live in. ...read more.


Suppose you hear the unmistakable sounds of fighting next door, and screams and threats being made? Would you just sit there and turn up your TV louder to drown out unpleasant sounds, or put on your headphones to your Walkman so you didn't have to listen to it? Or would you call the police? Or would you perhaps take the opportunity to slip the phone number of a shelter to the victim of what you suspect is violence when that person is alone and it would be safe to do so? While you are at it, would you also volunteer at that local shelter, or offer to be trained to man a hotline for victims who want out and don't know where to start? Would you make sure that the victim had access to the things they would need to know to help to prepare them for when the time comes that they have to get out to save their lives by making sure they knew where to get that information? Any of these things would help. If a lake in your town had become an eyesore, and perhaps even a dangerous place, because of individuals and businesses polluting it, would you shake your head in disgust any time you saw it? Or would you gather a group of like-minded citizens together to clean it up? Or would you possibly go to your local government, and find out what regulations might apply to it, and see if there would be a way to get help to clean the debris and chemicals that had been spilled in it cleaned away? ...read more.


We are defined by our uniqueness. Celebrate who you are, a human being with the ability to act, think and live as you want. Finally, like the people around you. For e.g.; if you think that I am a bona fide jerk, please find something you like about me and practice the Golden Rule, which asks that we do unto other as we want done unto ourselves. Better still, try the Titanium Rule; it says that we should treat others, as they want to be treated. If someone makes you angry, focus on their actions and discuss your emotions. Laugh, vent and cry more often. Feelings make us human. Stop looking for ways to blame each other and instead, for ways to assist, teach, motivate and inspire each other. So why not begin today and try to make your world and this world a better place to live in?? If each of us makes sincere attempts in this direction, then the world is bound to undergo a change, nay a transformation. But alongside, you must remember to work hard for achieving the goals in your life, because without them you'll never be able to satisfy your ego and enhance your self-esteem. It is of utmost importance in life to be able to gladden your heart and soul and boost your ego in order to be a truly happy being. Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love, Make our earth an Eden, Like the heaven above. So go ahead; smile and help build a chain of smiles; the frailest of all roads yet the most beautiful! ...read more.

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