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All My Sons Act 1 Essay

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´╗┐All My Sons by Arthur Miller Arthur Miller's play "All My Sons" is a tragedy set in post-World War Two America centred around a seemingly ideal American Family, the Kellers, as they struggle with secret from their past coming back to haunt them. The play focuses on Joe Keller, who sold defected cylinder to the military from his machine shop in order to save his business . The story is a domestic drama as it talks about the morality of the American people and how the idea of "The American Dream" has been corrupted. Act 1 of the play opens with Joe Keller sitting in his backyard while reading the Sunday papers while having mundane conversations with his neighbours. ...read more.


The main character, Joe Keller, is established as a dedicated family man admired by his family and friends. Described as "A heavy man of solid mind and build, a bussiness man these years, but with the imprint of the machine-shop worker and boss still upon him. " , Joe works hard to support his family and retain his "American Dream" which he worked hard to achieve. Joe preserves his ignorance towards his crime until confronted multiple times with his family which gradually reveals the truth of his character. Joe knows that what he had done wrong but he justifies his actions ,in his own mind, that as long as his decision was made with family in mind, then he is virtuous . ...read more.


Several different conflicts are brought upon the family revolving around the subjects mentioned ; Larry's mother refusing to accept his death and Chris' desire to marry Larry's ex-fiance Ann is also the daughter of the man Joe is responsible for putting in jail. The main issue that the play seems to be centred on is the belief that an individual's belief and the belief of society as a whole are closely intertwined which goes back to the idea of "The American Dream". The father - son conflict illustrates how Joe has influenced Chris as Joe has always been a central part of his life and therefore help create the basis of Chris' ideology and morals. Joe's role as a father has made him the personification of goodness to Chris which makes it incomprehensible for the thought of Joe committing any act that would go against his personal ethical code . ...read more.

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