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'All our sympathies are with Juliet because she receives very little help or guidance at home.' How true is this statement?

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'All our sympathies are with Juliet because she receives very little help or guidance at home.' How true is this statement? Romeo and Juliet is said to be the world's most ill fated romance in the whole of drama. The story follows "a pair of star-cross'd lovers" who are willing to sacrifice anything and anyone for the sake of their love. Romeo and Juliet come from "two households both alike in dignity" hindered in their families' feud. The loathsome feud concerns the Capulet and Montague families which spawned from an 'ancient grudge.' Romeo is a young man who is the Montague's son. Juliet, a young girl who is fourteen years of age, she is the Capulet's only daughter. It is greatly argued that the young lover Juliet was faultless in the entire ordeal, as she was young and received little or no guidance at home. Initially, it was evident that Juliet received aid from her father from the beginning. Paris was originally introduced to the audience during his conversation with Capulet, in which he was again, asking about his "suit", which concerns Juliet's hand in marriage. But in Capulet's mind Juliet was still "a stranger in the world." ...read more.


Juliet has been given guidance and it is for her best, her life. Nevertheless, Juliet disregards the nurse's advice and decides to take measures that could kill her. The advice the nurse has given, leaves Juliet shocked. Juliet cannot comprehend what could happen if she does not give these past events serious thought. This was sadly, Juliet's last chance to change the events to come. She decides that "if all else fail, myself have power to die." On the other hand, it is brought to the reader's attention that the nurse's advice could prove to be illegal and harmful. The nurse inadvertently advises Juliet to commit bigamy, a serious crime at the time. This erroneous advice could only worsen the situation for Juliet. Consequently, adding guilt to her conscience and affecting her judgement in the situations that awaits her. Furthermore, since it is only the people around her who caused the problems, perhaps Juliet is the victim. Consequently, arousing sympathy for Juliet in the reader. However, what led Juliet to think that "if all else fail, myself have power to die" could have been that she did not receive enough guidance. While her parents were forcing her to marry Paris they disregarded anything she would have to say. ...read more.


This leaves the innocent and helpless Juliet stranded and heart struck with thoughts that would lead her to consider suicide later. In conclusion, it is comprehensible that throughout Juliet's innocent and troublesome life, she received little help or guidance from her loved ones. This in turn resulted in her death. Ultimately, Juliet's parents continuously influenced her to take the path they decided for her. Her parents disregarded anything she had to say on her behalf. Her mother not once asked her how she felt, apart from the time when she was trying to coax Juliet into marrying Paris. It has been made clear that Juliet's part in the tragedy cannot be blamed on her. Juliet was a young girl, inexperienced and under a tremendous amount of stress. Although, she was mature for her age compared to society at the present time, it is difficult to deal with the ordeals she was put through. Juliet had no one to turn to; even her nurse didn't give her much advice. To the audiences dismay Juliet took her life because Romeo, her only love died. Everyone's sympathies should be with Juliet as she was left clueless, blinded by love to undertake what she was destined for. As no one attempted to guide her, fate guided her to her tragic and sorrowful death. 1 Sharif.Mostafa ...read more.

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