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An appreciation of "Wasp's Nest" and how Rosenberg uses words to communicate themes in his poem and how the poem is made memorable.

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Name: Akosua Mate Grade: 9a Subject: English Literature Project title: "Wasp's Nest" Project focus: An appreciation of "Wasp's Nest" and how Rosenberg uses words to communicate themes in his poem and how the poem is made memorable. The Wasp's Nest Conceptualize a world full of people that isolate and alienate you-a place where you don't count or make a difference. This is one of the major concerns in the Wasp's Nest. Rosenberg appeals to our intellect utilizing technical literary ingredients to spice up and flavour the poem. My project is an analysis of his use of words and phrases to communicate themes in his poem and to see how the poem has been made memorable. To me, the poem on its own is a metaphor portraying life and its elements of uncertainty and others. In line 1'' Two aerial tigers...'', the wasps are being referred to as ''aerial tigers'' because they do all their activities in the air (aerial). They are referred to as ''tigers' for two reasons. The main one being that they are ragingly ferocious and much undomesticated. The second one is describes their physical outward appearance as they are yellow with black stripes just like the tiger. ...read more.


It is apparent that the persona (Rosenberg) feels that his rights are being infringed. Here, Rosenberg's verbal communication along with words portrays this observation through descriptive elements. These lines are very memorable because as teenagers and adolescents undergoing puberty, we feel as if we deserve the right to freedom and at this age are very rebellious. We therefore defy every rule set out for us and here, we can be compared to the wasps that are going out of their way to feel comfortable in someone's territory. Lines 15-20 permits us to perceive that the wasps are probably aware of his strength, capabilities and potencies since it is believed that size and strength are blood brothers and therefore go hand in hand. He further knows deems that the wasps know that with one strike, their lifelong investments can be crushed and destroyed. The persona makes it clear that he and the wasps are not acquainted in any way except the sharing of HIS mailbox. These thoughts obtained from the lines are reverberated in my head because I find it quite funny yet sad that one strike can demolish and bulldoze someone's lifelong investments and reserves and this aids in the memorability of the poem. ...read more.


Building things you care about relish and cherish on an unknown boundary of danger is unwise and unadvisable because the energy and input used in making this grand 'citadel' will fall down and crumble to the ground and shatter completely. This portion of the poem is memorable because such things happen in life and is in short known as living according to your belief or your instincts. This part often comes back to me because it is one theme that is habitually and repeatedly being debated upon. The hidden meaning of this poem is probably a life story of the persona (Rosenberg) expresses his issues and concerns through the writing of the poem. The persona quite apparently went on a quest to find happiness or a lifelong partner to share joy, happiness and pain with but failed and ended up being alone, single and unhappy trying to fight for his rights and happiness. Overall, the poem was very memorable and had many strikingly memorable elements but the one that struck me the most is the fact that the wasps were building something they believed was substantial and long-lasting but turned out to be the direct opposite in the eyes of another. ...read more.

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