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Analyse Shakespeares presentation of the characters of Antony and Cleopatra in Act 1.

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Analyse Shakespeare's presentation of the characters of Antony and Cleopatra in Act 1. Shakespeare presents the characters of Antony and Cleopatra as being passionate, intricate and multifaceted but climactically deeply charming and appealing. Antony can be seen as being incredibly masculine, a great ruler and extremely powerful. Cleopatra can be seen as being impulsive, alluring and bewitching. Antony was a great Roman ruler and is part of the Triumvirate with Octavius Caesar and Lepidus, the joint rulers of the Roman world. Philo in Scene 1 describes that Antony used to be a "triple pillar" this can connote imagery of strength and power, things Antony used to be. Philo goes on to say that Antony is not just a fool, he is Cleopatra's fool and that he in fact belongs to her suggesting that his pleasure is entirety in Egypt. ...read more.


The relationship between Antony and Cleopatra is extremely strong but playful and sometimes lustful. The playful nature of their relationship can be seen in the very first Scene; Cleopatra toys with Antony asking him how much he loves her, Antony uses grandiose language to describe how much he loves Cleopatra this demonstrates the love they have for each other and the simplistic side of their relationship. The lustful side of their relationship can be seen in Scene 5 when Cleopatra misses Antony and their playful interactions and wants to be with him. The love in the relationship is very evident as Cleopatra is described as "Venus" the goddess of love. This comparison made of her can suggest that she is actually in love and possibly in love with being in love. ...read more.


Cleopatra can be seen as a being a multifaceted character, this is apparent in Scene 3 when Cleopatra is angry at Antony but divides her emotions in a split second as she learns about Fulvia and changers her reaction towards everything. Cleopatra is evidentially the typical hysterical woman as whilst in love she is worried that they feelings aren't mutual, with this Antony becomes the dominant man when Shakespeare uses aggressive, monosyllabic language. She can be seen as being very controlling of the whole situation around he, she continually asks questions, wanting to know more and more information. In conclusion I think that Shakespeare presents Antony and Cleopatra as being madly and deeply in love but they are lustful towards each other and this enhances their relationship. Also that the two of them are incredibly powerful leaders but do neglect this and put their relationship first and foremost. ...read more.

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