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Analysing the opening scenes Of Mice and Men.

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Of Mice and Men Opening The scene opens on George and Lennie's feet running through the grass, the grass is dripping wet with dew and whipping their feet as they run. Their shoes are old and tattered as if they have not been able to afford new ones for a very long time. Through the silence you can hear the beating of Lennies heart, he can sense the fear in George and this makes him panic as well, rapid music gradually joins in with the beating of his heart. The camera slowly drifts up George's body, it is out of focus slightly, as it gets to the face it gradually gets back into focus and you can see the sheer terror on his face. ...read more.


There is an expression of curiosity on his face, his eyes are very wide and his head is a little tilted to the side. He starts to walk very slowly towards her; still with the same curious expression upon his face. The music is slow and calm; suddenly Lennie's expression changes it becomes more determined and eager to capture a closer glimpse, his pace picks up and so does the music, it becomes more rapid and dramatic. As soon as Lennie reaches the girl, the music stops, she is humming and gazing up at the sky looking as if she doesn't have a care in the world. ...read more.


The farmyard workers appear and she runs towards them crying, as she reaches them she collapses onto the ground. Lennie jumps as George shouts from the other end of the field, 'RUN, NOW'. Lennie obeys and sprints towards George, the farmyard workers gain chase. The music picks up speed, drums beat in the background music. Lennie reaches George and they both run together with the farmyard workers close on their heels. The camera focuses in on one of the workers faces, his face shows ferocity and anger. The camera focuses onto Georges face, he looks very anxious. The camera slowly moves down towards his feet. Suddenly, they leap into a river and hide in amongst the reeds. The music comes to a sudden halt and all you can hear is Lennie's heavy, irregular breathing. ...read more.

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