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Analysis of 'Down by the Salley Gardens'

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?Down by the Salley Gardens? Questions. 1a. In the poem ?Down by the Salley Gardens?, the technique of rhyming couplets is used to draw emphasis to the last word of the line. In the first verse al the rhyming couplets contain an ?ee? sound, which makes the stanza sound light and energetic. The first rhyming couplet ends in a ?t? sound, creating a staccato effect and making the verse sound crisp and fresh. This is effective as the verse is about new love, and young, perhaps immature people. In the second stanza however, the rhymes are made up of more elongated vowels. This makes them sound dragged out and gives them a more negative effect, which enhances the change in the second verse from the first. ...read more.


Also in the first stanza, the meeting is described to take place in a ?garden.? A garden suggests new life and activity, with vibrancy and beauty, and is perhaps used to enhance the life and freshness of their relationship. This contrasts to the second verse where the meeting takes place in a ?field.? A field suggests a lack of life, as it is flat and desolate, and perhaps reflects the negative change in the relationship which started out as a ?garden.? 1c. The first thing that is particularly song-like about this poem is how it tells a story. It narrates emotions personal to the speaker, and the subject of love and relationships is also a theme that is associated with songs and ballads, making the poem seem particularly lyrical. ...read more.


The rhyming couplets in the poem are also very neat and precise. As not all poems rhyme, the use of such exact rhymes in this poem also makes it sound lyrical. The combination of the rhythm and the rhyming couplets gives the poem a sing-song style which gives it a positive and light tone. Syllables are also used for effect in the poem. In the first stanza the first two lines have thirteen syllables, and the last two have fourteen. In the second stanza however the first two lines have thirteen syllables, the third fourteen, but the last thirteen. Using an irregular beat in a line to convey change or draw particular attention to it is another factor that makes this poem particularly song-like. Overall there are many features which make this poem lyrical, which effectively add to the content of the poem for the enjoyment of the reader. ...read more.

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