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Analytical essay on Chronicle of Death Foretold

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Chronicle of a Death foretold Analytical Essay (Honor) 50 Pt. The Chronicle of a Death Foretold, a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, tells the story of the murder of Santiago Nasar, which happened 27 years ago, from the view of a man that investigates the event to find the real offender that, took Angela's virginity. As the narrator quarries deeper into the day of the murder, he find evidence that Santiago Nasar is innocent of the crime he is said to have committed; he was accused of dishonoring Angela Vicario by having a sexual relationship with her before officially marrying her. Consequently, Angela Vicario is disowned by her family and ousted from town. However, what the man finds more shocking is the fact that the twin brothers of Angela Vicario, Pedro and Pablo Vicario, are set free because the murder was for restoring the honor of their family. ...read more.


The Colonel realizes the connection between murder scheme and Angela Vicario's return during the wedding night and finds the twins; he just "...took away the knives and sent them off to sleep" (56). Right after that, his wife makes a fine point that he should have detained the twins, but he casually ignores her and stupidly points out that "Now they haven't got anything to kill anybody with," (56) which IS just rather crude humor of how shortsighted public officials are because the mayor certainly knew that Vicario twins were butchers and they have more than two knives. The characters in the story are heavily influenced by honor. Angela Vicario is returned to her parents the day she was married, which means that her husband disowned her. The fact that the Vicario twins kill Santiago in order to restore the honor of their family shows that honor is most vital to the people in the town, especially those who are poor. ...read more.


Also, men are rather encouraged to experience the sexual activity before marriage in whorehouse in town; even the narrator visited the whore house to meet Maria Alejandra Cervantes, who "... did away with my (his) generation's virginity" (65), which is ironic that Angela's marriage is decided by"... parents and her older sisters with their husbands, gathered together in the parlor, imposed on her the obligation to marry a man whom she had barely seen..." (34). The family expects Angela to be a virgin and does not consider her opinion. It is humorous how whores have more "freedom" and respect from men than well raised women in a family. In the story, the town's unspoken system of honor and gender-biased standards within their society condones the murder of Santiago Nasar as result. Gabriel Garcia Marquez raises concerns of misusage of the honor that is used to justify injustice and double standards between men and women. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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