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Andrew bolt's opinionative piece,

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Expat Pat a funny choice Andrew bolt's opinionative piece, "Expat Pat a funny choice", (Herald Sun), contends that Pat Rafter "clearly doesn't deserve" the Australian of the year award because he lives in a "tax haven". As indicated by Bolt, Rafter is not entitled to "this honour" because he is a "tax exile" not living in Australia, which would save him "a heap of money". Such emotive and colloquial language, encourage readers to question Rafter's initial motive, and symbolize Bolt as an ordinary Australian who is representing the majority of the public opinion. ...read more.


Rafter would not have got the "gong" if NADC had "followed its own rules". Bolts stresses that it is a "joke" that "three of the past five Australian of the Year" were sportsmen, and the fact that NADC had "bend its rules". The besmirching of the NADC serves to create a sense of negativity around the council, and encourages the reader to believe the award is only given to sportsman. This further questions whether the council is reliable. The argument advances in the article when Bolt sarcastically asks: "what are the 'exceptional circumstances' which force Rafter to live in Bermuda?" ...read more.


This further questions what is Rafter's motive for moving out of Australia. The feeling of disappointment will certainly become present in the reader and sense that Rafter is obviously unworthy of this award. In a last attempt to diminish Rafter's efforts, Bolt constructs a comparison between Rafter and the "millions of Australians (that) back green causes". This sceptical comparison attempts to persuade the reader to feel that Rafter's actions are basically not special and probably expected. Overall, Bolt's opinionative piece would comfortably appeal to the general public of Australia. The constant questioning and appealing to fairness will please the reader along with the logical arguments and discussion. English Language analysis Jimmy Lau - 1 - ...read more.

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