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AQA English Language AS Coursework - Short story. Have you ever had a feeling of anger so strong, so intense, youre scared you cant control it?

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AQA English Language AS Coursework Short story Have you ever had a feeling of anger so strong, so intense, you're scared you can't control it? A feeling that provokes the undesired personality you thought you never had. I have. Only, I couldn't control it. My rage grew day by day, lurking in the depths of my mind fighting the shackles and chains, screeching loud enough to drown that of a banshee, right up until that one moment in time when it escaped. I let it. I remember that school day well. The piercing beep of the plastic alarm clock at 6am was immediately disciplined with a jab at the snooze button. Four snoozes went by and already late for school, I hauled myself out of the warmth of my bed. I drew back the curtains and the orange glow of urban light dazzled my eyes. Opening the window, the city sounds invaded my mind. Dogs howling drowned the noise of wailing sirens and squealing cars on the sluggish morning commute. Petrol fumes wafted in. ...read more.


Grabbing my satchel, I raced to the door and sprinted out of class. I heard a faint cry from my teacher to come back and roars of laughter followed. Everyone thought I was some mad kid because of the counselling and anger management I needed. And yet none of them, not one, had to live a life knowing that both parents were taken away, deprived of life, before their own eyes. I continued running out of the school grounds. Everything was a blur. It was my mission to get home and nothing could stop me. I could feel my arms flail at passing pedestrians blocking my path. I was the target and humanity was out to attack. I needed to defend myself. And that's when it happened. A passing pedestrian got too close to me. I felt my arms grab her - she was defenceless in my rage fuelled vice. As a car travelling at 60mph approached she was hurled into the road. ...read more.


By now it is clearly established that the boy is distressed with imagery of "flames". I chose to incorporate the core action and trigger of violence into the penultimate paragraph. It is structured in a series of short sentences to portray the quick time scale in which it all happens. The setting of the street is not described in particular detail allowing the reader to understand that the character is not aware of his own surroundings. "I felt my arms grab her" was a sentence used to suggest he was out of control, perhaps possessed. The fact that the pedestrian was hit by a car and killed is not included. Not only does this provide the reader with an opportunity to imagine the abrupt change in pace but also infers it never crossed the characters mind of the consequences. The final paragraph specifies a background to the pedestrian. This information reveals the characters understanding of his actions and amplifies his final realisation. "My name is 34503" tells the reader that he no longer has an identity, but is rather now a convicted criminal with just a number to his possession. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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