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Assertive Behavior: Your Perfect Right, a critical evaluation.

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Laura A. Guerra Psychology Book Report 04/29/2004 Assertive Behavior: Your Perfect Right The name of this book is "Your Perfect Right" and it was written by Robert E. Albertini and Micheal L. Emmons both with Ph.D. from the Califronia Polytechnia State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. Both authors seem to be working in this book for several time because they have published several editions and had several printings of the book. Also, Robert E. Albertini and Micheal L. Emmons were Counseling Psychologist and Professors according to this third edition; in fact, in cooperation with other doctors from other universities such as New York University, University of North California, and University of Missouri they got pretty good contributions in the creation of this excellent book. ...read more.


The main propouse of this book is to instruct to the readers to develop a more choose appropriate and self-fulfilling responses in a variety of situations. As they defined in the book assertive behavior enables a person to act in his or her own best interest, to stand up for herself or himself without undue anxiety, to express honest feelings comfortably, or to exercise personal rigths without denying the right of others; for instance, this book is written for those who wish to develop a more enhancing personal existence on their own, and for those who will be instrumental in faciliting the personal growth of others. The book shows that research has shown that learning to make assertive responses will inhibit or weaken the anxiety previously expriences in specific interpersonal relationships; also, the fact to stand up for yourself ...read more.


In the second part is designed to fill the need for a clinically-oriented book on assertivenes training, with documentation of extensive research. For example, the second part show you examples in how you can apply the book to the people. This book is well complemented, easy to follow thorugh and understand because this is oriented to all public in general and especialist in the matter of psychology. As a reader of this book, I strongly recommend it to everyone who feel somehow insignificant or frustrated in the total shceme of things. This book help to realize why I sometimes felt guilty or uncomfortable with a certain type of behavior that I already had when I was with a friend, co-worker or a family member. Finally, I can tell that the authores met their objetives in the realization of this book; in fact, a recient proof is that now they have the seventh edition on the market. ...read more.

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