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Bas Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet

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Bas Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet Baz Luhrmann's main aim from his Romeo and Juliet film was to create a film which would trickle the minds of youngsters, or what is also known as the MTV generation, who don't enjoy watching Shakespeare's plays. His main aim was getting the MTV generation to watch and 'enjoy' Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet without dieing of boredom. He did this by looking at the movies MTV generation watches today, which mainly includes technology, action, guns etc to get youngsters interested. What he concluded in the film which attracted youngsters was that he replaced the original assets used in the original play into modern equipment, for example, swords were changed to guns, old fashion clothes into today's clothes etc but one thing which he kept in the original form is the dialogue, the script. He also had other aims which were to make a film so that youngsters world wide would want to watch it. The film was a success in the world as it made �98m worldwide, in America alone it made �46m so the film was a hit all over the world. ...read more.


The music used in the film varies a lot as there was a mixture of music used, this ranged from, rock to spaghetti western. This were used in specific parts of the film. The beginning started off with classical when the dialogue was read out by a deep male voice, the part when the Montague's are in their car is rock and hip hop, and the part where the Capulet's are introduced is spaghetti western. There were also other sound effects used in the film when one of the Capulet's had 'SIN' written on a metal plate above his tooth which was an animals voice which frightened the Montague's. There's also other sounds for instance 'whoosh' when bullets fly past their heads, music played when the characters are in slow motion etc This is all used to attract the audiences attention and to get them pumped up, the music is basically ion your face. Tybalt's shoes makes a particular noise when he walks, this is 'ching', this noise particularly gets to the audience when he puts out a match in the gas station by rubbing the metal part on the match to the floor, this sends a shiver through the spines of some people which is used to get the full attention of some people or it makes them look at it in great detail. ...read more.


HE set the film in a very particular way as he put everything in great detail so that the audience can understand everything and not get lost and saying 'what does that mean', the film was produced so well, people forget about the Shakespeare script and think of it or interpret it in their minds and almost think of it as the characters are speaking in modern language. He achieved this by producing a film with action packed scenes, the beginning of the film was made up with 170 different scenes edited together, modern equipment used to represent old equipment, for instance the guns are represented in place for swords, cars represent wagons etc. HE reached his main aim of reaching out for the MTV generation throughout the world as the sales figures were huge, in order of him achieving was done through heavy advertising of the film worldwide showing them that a Shakespeare film can be fun watching and still understand it through its original dialogue. He also achieved this through music, as he included music from what people preferred listening when the film was made which was classical, rock, hip hop which is what attracted most MTV generation audiences etc. Ahmet Kurban English GCSE Mr Gladstone Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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