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Baz Luhrman analysis

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James Mason 19th March 2005 Romeo and Juliet The prologue is read by a News Reporter on television. One line says from ancient grudge to new mutiny, this shows that the families have had a grudge for a long time. Another line says civil blood makes civil hands unclean this means that the fighting is upseting the public members. Another line says a pair of star cross'd lovers take their lifes this is talking about Romeo and Juliet. When the prologue is finished there is a montage of images, the first image is a statue of Jesus, then the screen turns black with white writing saying in fair Verona. It then zooms out from the Jesus statue showing the Capulet building on the left and the Montague building on the right. This symbolises the only person stood in between the two families is Jesus. A few blocks in front of the capulet building is another building with an advert on the side saying: "Retail'd To Prosterity By Montague" with the Montague logo on it. ...read more.


The third newspaper says "anceint grudge," this symbolises the length of time that both of the families have been fighting. The fourth newspaper says new mutany this shows that it is starting to break apart because people are getting tired of the figting. The fifth newspaper says civil blood makes civil hands unclean. Only part of the picture can be seen . There are hands holding guns in the air. This means that the brawling is upseting the public and injuring them. There was no music in the background of the newspaper images, just the prolouge being read again in a narration style Baz learnen opens the first scene by using the back of one of the Montagues servants head to show a tattoo of the family logo and name. This shows that everbody in the family is involved with the feud even the servants. They arrive at a petrol staion called Pheonix gas, the Pheonix is a mystical creature representing fire. Around the Petrol Station there are a few signs saying add more fuel to your fire. ...read more.


The guns are ironically called swords because swords were used to fight in the original story. The film is set in Verona Beach where gang culture is a problem. Most gangs seem to wear a certain colour or type of clothing to show what gang they belong to. This links to the film where all of the Montagues are dressed in bright beach clothes and the Capulets are dressed in suits. Baz Learnen interprets the film wisely. He changes the original film to a new modern day film. He changes the use of swords to guns, but wisely the guns have sword written on them and are called swords in the movie. All the lines in the new modern day film are the same as in the original. He changes the two noble familes into two major buisnesses. He moves the original play from Verona in Italy to Verona Beach in the U.S.A, this helps to make the film more modern because there is a lot of history in Italy. He changed the clothes to modern day clothes from the original clothes worn at the time it was written. And he changed use of horses for travelling to the use of cars. ...read more.

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