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Baz Lurhmann uses a number of techniques in order to make the prologue of the film

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Baz Lurhmann uses a number of techniques in order to make the prologue of the film"Romeo and Juliet" accessible to a modern audience. Discuss the techniques used by Lurhmann and explain how they help make the themes easier for the contemporary audience to understand In the film "Romeo and Juliet" Baz Lurhmann uses a number of techniques in order to make the prologue more accessible for a modern audience. This is done very effectively and it makes the themes easier for a contemporary audience to understand. The main themes in this film are love, religion, rivalry, violence and justice and throughout the prologue we can see many images that symbolize these themes. For example the statue of Christ overlooking the city lets us know how important religion is for these people, and the numerous guns flashed over the screen symbolizing the violence and rivalry between the two families. ...read more.


The sound effects in this prologue also have a huge impact on the listening audience, like the turning on of the television, which captures the viewer's eye and their attention. In the prologue we also see a helicopter and the sound of its propellers. As soon as we hear this we immediately associate this with war, chaos and violence. When we hear this we sense that during the rest of the film will will be experiencing tragic deaths and losses. Another sound which is associated with violence is the sound of a gunshot telling us that there will be people murdered and shot in the later stages of the film. Baz Lurhmann also creates the contrasts between the Capulets and the Montagues in his use of clothes. The Montagues wearing Hawaiian shirts, adding to their rebellious appearance. The Capulets are completely different wearing slick mainly black stylish trousers and waistcoats giving them a Mafia look and both are stereotypes of real life characters. ...read more.


Their physical appearance enhance the audience's ability to experience the strong romantic feelings being experienced by each character. The themes of violence and justice are powerfully depicted in the use of guns, gangs and chaos. The police force represents the need for justice and fairness which is one of the main themes in the story. Again this powerfully simplifies the need to explain in language the ideas used by Shakespeare and because the film is fast moving and colourful, it will appeal to young people. In conclusion it is clear the Baz Lurhmann has been extremely successful in explaining to a young modern audience the ideas and language used by William Shakespeare. It will enable the beautiful story of Romeo and Juliet to be accessible to many people who would otherwise have difficulty in understanding this timeless classic. In an age where television and videos etc are being used far more by the majority of the population, the film will serve to draw even young people back to values and message William Shakespeare was trying to convey to his audience. ...read more.

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