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Beijing Olympics Boycott

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Beijing Olympics : Should they be boycotted? China have great athletes, many of the worlds best. At the last Olympics in Athens China came second place in the medal tally, behind the USA. China is also a very culturally rich country with long standing traditions and cultures that attract millions of visitors from around the world each year. So with a great mixture of sporting and cultural heritage... is China not the perfect host for the 2008 Olympic Games? Some people think they shouldn't. Two Olympics have been boycotted in recent years. In 1980 the Olympics in Moscow, Russia when the USSR invaded Afghanistan... and at the 1984 games in Los Angeles, USA due to "differences in political opinions". From their violence in Tibet and Burma to their prolific use of the death penalty... from their infamous air pollution to their religious persecution. These are just a few of the arguments that are being put against China hosting the games. As always though, it is a balanced argument - Many people think a boycott of the Olympics is in order, while many people think this is an unnecessary action altogether. ...read more.


This lead to the military being ordered to come in and "break up the protest". The number of dead and injured will never be known for sure but a likely figure would be 1,000-2,000 dead. Some reports even as high as 3,000 deaths. Above - A famous image known as the "Unknown Rebel". As you can gather from this one incident the Chinese are not the kind of people who take criticism or any sort of nonsense. At the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing two Britons were arrested for unravelling banners outside the Birds Nest stadium saying "Free Tibet" and "One World: One Dream. Free Tibet" to protest against the Chinese invasion and religious persecution in Tibet. The Chinese are also involved in other countries. China buys two thirds of Sudan's oil and 70% of the oil revenue earned by Sudan goes straight to the military. China also sells arms and aircraft to Sudan... by doing this they are breaking the arms embargo put in place by the UN. Also, since China have a seat on the security council they stop any action against Sudan by disagreeing against action. ...read more.


There are also points for the boycott. From China's infamous involvement in other countries like Burma, Sudan, and Zimbabwe. They also have terrible air pollution... the famous Beijing smog. The labourers building all these fantastic facilities are working on very low wages, and have to put up with bad conditions. There is also the mass displacement of people to make way for the Olympics. People have been forced to move homes and go somewhere else. This and there terrible human rights record made some people consider a boycott. In my opinion I think the Olympic Games in China were right to go ahead... and I am glad no one boycotted. I can see why some people might want to boycott... with China's involvement in funding wars and there bad human rights record. However, I do believe strongly that the Olympics is purely a show of the best sports men and women on the planet, and politics should not be dragged into it. By watching the Olympic games you can see China's experience in hosting mass events and the Olympics is really going well. The opening ceremony was spectacular and the Beijing Olympics is really a great success story so far. Hopefully the Olympics being held in China will hopefully open up this complicated country to the rest of the world. ...read more.

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