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Blackadder Media Coursework

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Blackadder Media Coursework Consider the ways in which 'Blackadder Goes Forth' not only teaches us about the history and conditions of World War One, but also makes us share the character's feelings, and also so sympathise with the soldiers involved in the war. 'Blackadder Goes Forth' is a very funny comedy that was very popular at the time of release. It also has a very serious side and helps the audience to understand what the conditions where like in World War One. In the episode I studied, 'Goodbyee', there were many techniques that the Director used to make us think in depth about World War One. I thought Blackadder was a good comedy, easy to watch and also make the audience share the same feelings as the characters in the show. However it was only at points, for example, when Blackadder and his men are about to go "over the top" they realise that they are could be about to die. In "Blackadder Goes Forth - Goodbyee", there are 3 main characters (Blackadder, Baldrick and Darling) that are in their quarters getting ready for the German Attack. ...read more.


onto Darling, this is meant to make us think that he is small inside and trying to make us think what is going to happen. When Darling exits there is a slow, regular drumbeat this sound a very close match to funeral music so this must mean that Darling's death is very close. The setting and props in the Field-Marshall Haig's office are very effective and showing the audience what Haig is like because as we see Haig thoughtlessly knock down big group or model soldiers, this is an imitation of the battlefield and many men dying, by Haig doing this it shows he doesn't care for the men out there fighting for their country all he is worried about is where the next batch of soldiers are going to come from. The soldiers Haig has knocked down are cleared up by a dustpan and brush as if it was a clean up operation and then he throws them over his shoulder, this has a massive effect on the audience it shows that the soldiers that are lost are easily replaced and he has no respect for the men fighting. ...read more.


If the director didn't change the colours from colour to black and white then it would almost be normal, everything is happy and jolly. The colour then comes back and we see a large empty field of poppies, this show the audience war is over and even though many men lost their lives, the world is peaceful. In the final scene there is total silence for several seconds and we are left with the view of the field full of poppies this showing respect and peace. Every poppy represents one man's live lost to war. This is the reality of the show whereas we only see the funny side. As the final credits appear to end the show we hear a peaceful bird song. I think that I have learnt how hard fighting a war is and how depressing it is, and what it would have been like for the people who fought in the war and then watched this. The Directors use of sound and visual effects make us think carefully about the soldiers who fought in the war. As we get to know the character and laugh at them and what they do, we become more sympathetic towards them and stop laughing at them and start caring for them. ...read more.

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