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Book Review of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".

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There are many books that were published in the year of 1831. However, none of them have grown to be so popular and loved as the book ?The Hunchback of Notre Dame.? This renowned book has many qualities, as it does flaws. It also has a variety of characters, such as the lovable Quasimodo. This novel is internationally loved because of its magnificent content. The novel ?Hunchback of Notre Dame? is recognized for its great qualities. One of the great qualities of this story is that it is very realistic, and has a genuine feel. ...read more.


This novel is also whimsical. The story is totally unpredictable, and very fast-paced. At the end of the novel, the reader is uncertain which way the story will go, and if it will end happily. This quality keeps the reader curious and wanting to read more. This story has many great qualities, but there are many shortcomings as well. First off, the situations the characters are put in aren?t very realistic. For example, when Esmeralda is about to be hanged, Quasimodo swings from a gallery to the church in Chapter 14. ...read more.


This classic also has many characters. However, a memorable character is Quasimodo. He is an admirable character, because he represents the lesson ?Beauty is from within?. Although he is heavily disfigured and mutated, he is caring and gentle to everyone around him. Quasimodo is also very thoughtful. When he takes care of her and she asks to see Phoebus, he puts her wants over his. Finally, Quasimodo is a favourite character among many, because he sets her free. He lets Esmeralda be with Gringoire, and this shows how much he loves her. All-in-all, The Hunchback of Notre Dame was an amazing book. It has many qualities, some shortcomings, and memorable characters. This may be an old book, but there are many morals to be learned. ...read more.

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