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Both Brighton Rock and Clockwork Orange focus mainly around the two criminal characters.

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Both Brighton Rock and Clockwork Orange focus mainly around to criminal character?s and both go into in depth breakdowns of the minds of their criminal main characters and use this to encourage readers to become interested and engulfed in the books. Greene and Burgess both use depictions of the criminal minds to interest the readers. One way Greene does this is through narrative methods such as illustrating Pinkie?s thought process during the attempted murder of Spicer and his own eventual attack by Colleoni this gives the reader an detailed look at the thoughts of Pinkie and the criminal mind and this gives the character depth which involves the reader and creates interest in the characters. ...read more.


Moreover Greene constantly uses foreshadowing to depict the criminal mind. By having Pinkie rub his vitorol bottle shows the paranoia of the criminal mind and makes the character of Pinkie unpredictable and interests the reader by putting them on edge. Additionally by having him rub the vitorol bottle during a date with a woman shows his love of violence and further analyses the character. Additionally the surreal language used in Clockwork Orange illustrates the broken and disjointed psyche of the criminal mind and this fleshes out the character and makes the reader feel attached to the characters and makes them read further into the book to see how the characters fair. ...read more.


This adds a sense of mystery to the character and creates intrigue allowing the reader to become more interested further. This is also similar to Alex?s age and action contrast. Furthermore the contrast between the characters interests and their actions creates a much more complicated layer to the characters. By having Pinkie be a roman catholic ?I?m a roman too? his actions constantly clash with his beliefs and thus he becomes much more interesting. This is similar to Alex being interested in Mozart. In conclusion the criminal minds depiction creates a complex and interesting narrative that creates a heavy layer of interest in the book and indeed what make the text interesting as it is at the core of the novel. ...read more.

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