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By the end of the Act five Scene three Juliet is totally alone,let down by the adults whom she should have been able to rely upon.How far do you blame these adults for Juliet's tragedy?And what factors need to be considered?

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'If all else fails, myself have power to die' By the end of the Act five Scene three Juliet is totally alone, let down by the adults whom she should have been able to rely upon. How far do you blame these adults for Juliet's tragedy? And what factors need to be considered? Juliet, at the beginning of the play, is loved and nurtured by the Nurse as a mother figure instead of Lady Capulet who is her actual biological mother. This is shown through the formality of Juliet and Lady Capulet's speaking which, contrasts sharply to the Nurse and Juliet. The Nurse states, 'Faith I can tell her age unto an hour,' whereas her mother is not sure how old Juliet is. Juliet turns to the Nurse to confide in. However by the end of Act five Scene three Juliet is devastated and she is completely isolated and alone from the world that she was brought into at the beginning of the play. Juliet's tragedy is a result from the irresponsibility of the adults in the play as well as other factors such as; her youthful impetuosity and the infatuation her and Romeo had as a couple. Juliet has no one to turn to by the end of the play including; her parents (Lady Capulet and Capulet), Friar Lawrence, Nurse and Romeo. However although she could not turn to Romeo for help, the reason for this is different to that of the other adults. ...read more.


It is interesting that he uses the word 'remedy' as if it were a cure to all her problems, however this is ironic as by the end of the play this remedy is what causes the death of Romeo and Juliet. In the play the role of Friar Lawrence to Romeo is a father figure, even though Montague does sound like a very responsible father I think Shakespeare has used Friar Lawrence instead because the Montagues are not mentioned much, i.e. Lady Montague and Montague. Also Friar Lawrence is used to marry them and to give Juliet the potion etc. When Romeo first speaks to Friar Lawrence we get the impression that Friar Lawrence is Romeo's confidant, because when Romeo mentions the subject of girls he knows in detail what Romeo is going on about. Friar Lawrence also tends to mislead the couple unintentionally and he thinks what he is doing is for the best. Examples of this are: in Act two Scene six Romeo and Juliet are joined in marriage after just a few days of meeting and Friar Lawrence goes along with this, without advising Romeo to maybe wait for at least a little longer when they can get to know each other better, 'In one respect I'll thy assistant be;' Another situation where Friar Lawrence misguides Juliet is the potion affair as described above. Lastly Friar Lawrence has disappointed Juliet by leaving Juliet on her own with Romeo, 'I dare no longer stay.' ...read more.


Juliet is so in love with Romeo that she is willing to ignore everyone else just for him and only he matters to her; otherwise her life is pointless. Romeo leads her on to believe that they are in love and they marry because of this. Due to their love for one another she has become irrational in the way she thinks compared to her usual practical self. The adults that surround her are as much to blame as the other factors considered. If there was no feud there would be no problem in their relationship, however the adults still play a vital roll in misleading Romeo and Juliet and in disappointing them so that they have to rely on themselves. Also because Friar Lawrence and the Nurse have turned their backs on Romeo and Juliet, they therefore have no one else to turn to anyway, as Lady Capulet is not very close to Juliet and she does not have the strength or power to stand up for Juliet. Capulet has his personality to blame for Juliet not turning to death as a final option. He is self obsessed and self-fish; thinking only of himself even when Juliet is dead. Fate and fortune again play an important role in the end result, but it is also fate and fortune that lead the characters to behave as they do as well as themselves. All in all if one of the factors were missing the end result would be different so every component of the tragedy is as important as each other in resulting in the death of Romeo and Juliet. Michaela Ho 11G Ms Gowing ...read more.

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