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Can a war ever be just?

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Alix Kelly - Assignment 1 R.E Coursework AO1 When it comes to 'Moral Issues' Christians are very keen to follow God's way, what Jesus did, said, etc. The New Testament in the Bible has many different views on how we should treat our enemies. The overall view of Christianity is that God is in charge of punishment and life and death, but many people disagree with this. The New Testament advocates attitudes of love, forgiveness, tolerance and peace, which during his lifetime Jesus supported and was peaceful and forgiving. During his lifetime Jesus helped many people and forgave sinners, and sinners were seen as enemies. Jesus cared for the rejects of society such as tax collectors, lepers, the disabled and the poor. One of Jesus' closest disciples, Matthew was a tax collector. In many ways Jesus showed us that we should be loving and forgiving towards our enemies. Jesus showed this in the parable of 'The Woman Caught in Adultery'. Jesus believed that although this woman had done wrong, so had everyone else and so he forgave her sins, meaning that Jesus says that our enemies should be forgiven and that only the sinless can forgive. Jesus also told us parables in the New Testament about forgiving our enemies. For example in the parable of 'The Forgiving Father' Jesus told us we should love our enemies and it is not up to us to judge other people. ...read more.


Throughout the New Testament we are told to love our enemies and forgive them. Just as in 'The Lord's Prayer' we pray forgive us ......... as we forgive those. This means that we should always forgive our enemies as the New Testament, just as Jesus and Paul said because that way we are a better person and can expect to be forgiven. Even though it may seem hard sometimes to love our enemies and to forgive and forget this is what Jesus taught us and showed us, he even forgave his killers when he was on the cross so we must always remember to forgive and forget, just as we ask God to forgive us - 'father forgive'. In conclusion the New Testament teaches us to love, be forgiving and to help our enemies. Jesus showed this throughout his life and he was the Son of God, so true Christians must try as hard as they can and follow in his footsteps and be truthful to themselves and make friends with everyone and enemies with no one. The New Testament tells us many different views on how we should treat our enemies, and the Church and Christians can use different biblical views to use in their opinions of war. Most Christians fall into one of three opinions of war: to be a pacifist, to be a conscientious objector or to be a fighter. ...read more.


The Church does not want to be seen as promoting violence as this is not what anyone wants, but it also doesn't want to stop Christians from being good citizens and not supporting their countries. Many Churches use all different points of views and support each of their arguments with references from the Bible to show that Jesus supported all different kinds of viewpoints about war and that although single members of the Church are entitled to their own opinions, the Church as a community should support all of them and follow God, as he is the father of all, tries to support all and challenges all at the same time. 'Just Wars' are wars that have been proven morally right to fight, to be called a 'just war' they must fulfil five terms. The term 'just war' is a Christian concept to try and justify wars, especially those believed to be fought on Gods behalf. The five terms that it must fulfil are: the war must be a last resort, it must be controlled, only enough force as absolutely necessary should be used, there must be a reason and the war must promote good and overcome evil. In this essay I aim to use Christian teaching and bible references to argue for and against whether a war can ever be just. Christians are divided as to whether a war can ever be just or not and whether five rules can really make a war right to fight. ...read more.

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