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Can you be fat and healthy + letter

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Can you be fat and healthy?

The text starts out with a woman named Kelly Bliss with a BMI that scores higher than 35 Kelly Bliss is clearly classified as obese. However her blood pressure is as low as 100/50 and her cholesterol and blood sugar are normal, now that’s not what you would expect of a woman of her size. She even walks 10 – 20 miles a week. Many people might think that you can’t be fat and happy but Kelly Bliss proves them wrong. Kelly Bliss is just an example of a person who isn’t affected by society’s constant pressure that tells people that in order to be healthy and therefore happy and look good then you have to be slim. Studies actually show that overweight and active people may be healthier than a thin and sedentary person. In many cases people always look for the easy way out of their weight problem when what they really have to do is to realise that if you want to lose weight then you have to accept that it is a constant battle and you have to change the way you live your life in order to change your relationship to food.

We keep saying that we want to lose weight because we want to be healthier but let’s be honest. With all these failed diets that we’re slowly killing ourselves with, cause of the rollercoaster ride we put our blood pressure through, is it then really the slim figure that makes a persons body healthy? According to David Jacobs, professor of epidemiology at the University of Minnesota, that is not the case cause as he says “I think it’s possible to be large and fit” (P.1, L. 26- 27). However obesity is associated with a lot of frequently cited dangers. Jeffrey Kluger says that in our effort of getting healthy and looking good we have created a hostile environment for the people who are overweight so much that some of them fears to go to the doctors because they are afraid that the doctor might hector them about their weight.

“There is a link between physical beauty and sex appeal – and popularity, success and happiness”

It’s obvious that physical beauty mixed with sexappeal draws attention most of it is of course good attention and if you are a person with that description then the only bad attention you can get for you looks is the attention of a jealous person. If you get a lot of attention then people will know who you are and that makes you popular and who doesn’t want to know a beautiful person. When you look good you present yourself good and you look like a person who has your life under control and that will lead to success cause who would want to hire someone who looks sloppy. So when you have success and people want to get to know you cause your popular and you look good then you would be happy, wouldn’t you?

Dear headmaster

I’m writing to you to express my opinion about the dress code that you introduced. I would like to let you know that I am for it. At first I had my concerns because by having a dress code you set a limit to people’s freedom to dress how they want to. But then I got to think this is a school and we are often being told that we should think about our school like a workplace. Therefore we have to present ourselves in a good way in order for us to be taken seriously and we can’t really be taken seriously if we walk around looking like someone who should be standing at a street corner instead. I’m sure many of us are aware of that but then again we are teenagers and we’re still learning how to fit in and to find our true identity. That’s why I think that it’s a good idea with dress code because that might be a help for some students to know how to behave when you’re “working”.

Kind regards, ---

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