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Captain Corelli coursework - Pelagia and Mandras

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Captain Corelli coursework - Pelagia and Mandras Pelagia: Agapeton, I tell you everything because I could not tell anyone else these things, and if I did I would be called a slut, and not be able to marry Mandras. Thinking of Mandras, I should ask him about his joking. I always try to ask him about serious events, and what he thinks about war and other things, and everything. I tried to be serious about the war yesterday, but he jumped into the tree and swung about, saying, "Mussolini is a monkey". I laughed so hard my ribs ached. He cannot be serious no matter how hard I try. Maybe he thinks that women only want to hear jokes and frivolities, like Papas said. But it isn't true, if only he knew of the things that the women talk about around the well. He would be so embarrassed if he knew the things we know about Kokolios and Stamatis' equipment. And none of the men know, but imagine if they did! What arguments they would have down at the kapheneion! But soon Mandras will be mine, and those smooth limbs I saw down at the beach will be mine. But first I must complete the quilt for my marriage bed. It would be disgraceful if I had not finished it by then, but every time I try to start, I stop and unravel it and try again, but it is always wrong! ...read more.


I wish that he would swim with his dolphins forever, and I would always be able to see him coming round the corner where he was shot by Velisarios's cannon, and there would never be any wars or any more death. But I am rambling, and he will go in spite of my protests. I don't know why he has to go so much. Maybe he thinks that he needs to prove himself to others, but he has already proven himself to me, and surely that is all that matters? I will write to him every day, and I will send him warm clothes so that he is happy in those mountains. I will make them so well the other soldiers will be jealous! I will make a beautiful quilt for our marriage bed, and a waistcoat for when he dances at the wedding. It will be the most beautiful wedding there has ever been! Mandras: I have finally got my papers, and when I finally go to battle I will be able to prove to everyone that I am a man. When I come back, I will be awed in the kapheneion, and even Iannis will give me a dowry, and I could even become Mayor, as an old war hero. Some say that the mountains are a cold and evil place to fight, but there is only glory to be found there, in fighting those wops back to Italy! ...read more.


He used to be so happy and cheerful, but now he is full of "Mother Greece", and "Serving His Country". I am betrothed to him, but I am not sure that I can love him like a husband any more. Mandras: Pelagia is not the same; she doesn't look the same, feel the same or act in the same way. She didn't even recognise, just Psipsina, who made it worse by reminding me of the sweet smell of Pelagia. She looked at me like some kind if animal! They say love conquers all, but maybe they were wrong. Maybe she really does love me, but she thought I was a tramp? No, it is final. She loves me no longer, but maybe there is some kind of affection still there, a flame in her breast that I can rekindle. But she has changed so! She is thinner, and looks less healthy, not the prosperous girl I used to know. Why is this so? I could not read her letters, that must have put her through agony, but love conquers all? I could see that her letters were getting shorter. I looked at the last and the first, and they were pages difference between them. My glory is nothing, my body is ruined, and the wops won. I most go to the andartes, that is the only way out. Yes, they can help, Greece is not yet defeated, even if she is diminished! ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level War Poetry section.

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