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Characteristics of a Good Language Learner.

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  • Essay length: 1244 words
  • Submitted: 26/01/2004
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AS and A Level Language: Context, Genre & Frameworks

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Characteristics of a Good Language Learner

Nagyné Gulyas Erna

Second Language Acquisition

Tutor: Sankó GyulaDL 3rd year


The aim of this essay is to collect the characteristics of a good language learner. Before I start to list these qualities, I would like to tell that teachers who do not meet such a student during their career should not be disappointed; they rather have to discover that there is some kind of a positive feature in every student. Some of the students are good at writing in the foreign language, they know the grammatical rules and apply them correctly, but face many problems when they have to apply this knowledge orally. Other students are the opposite of this character; they have difficulties when they write on the target language, because in these cases accuracy is more important than fluency. They speak consciously, because they are aware of the fact that fluency is more important in speaking and the smaller grammatical mistakes are forgivable.

It should be mentioned here that self-consciousness is one of the most important characteristic a good language learner should have. It means that the student is aware

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