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Citizenship coursework a

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Citizenship Coursework A I volunteered at a local old people's day centre. I wanted to go there because I felt elderly people had a lot of interesting conversation and I could learn from the experience. My main aim was to learn something from people that were older than me, and teach them something about people my age. The Centre is called The David Bryce Centre, and it is specially designed to keep the elderly occupied, and socialising. The people there can come one to five days a week. They get a meal and tea at good prices, so it means they do not have to try and cook a meal for themselves, if they are unable. There is a bus that picks them up from their house and takes them there. ...read more.


I think I made a big impact on the people there as not many younger people had worked there before, and it made a great change of conversation. I started in the morning by making the lunches with the cook. I think the cook appreciated this because it meant the cook had more hands to help her, so she did not have to rush as much, and therefore could make the lunches to a higher standard. I think the old people really enjoyed their lunch and were grateful for my helping out as I helped to hand out their lunches quickly, and poured drinks for them. A lot of the time they would start to get up to get their lunches, but with me there it meant they didn't have to try and get up, which I think they appreciated as some of them can be in a lot of pain. ...read more.


I think my planning of this activity was very good, as I took the time to stick pictures of the celebrities on sheets of paper to be passed around, and had them numbered. I then called out the answers and got them to swap their answers and mark each others. I had to collect in money for various trips and the old people's tea, and then had to give out the tea and biscuits. I felt grateful that everyone trusted me with the money, and it was another small task that I could take off the volunteers' hands. I think overall I made a great impact on the people there while I was there. I think I was a fresh face, and just talking to people alone taught me a lot about the older generation, and I think I changed the stereotype they had of young people. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jessica Fleig 3583 65141 ...read more.

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