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Cold Blooded Murderer

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Cold Blooded Murder Last night I awoke to the thunderous sound of helicopter blades, drumming themselves into my head. Everything around me shook violently, I could feel the wind hitting against my face as the leaves from nearby trees swirled around me. Particles of sand went flying into my watery eyes. The door gunner looked down at me, waving me into the aircraft, probably wondering what was taking me so long. He reached out his hand to help me in. When I opened my eyes, it was my wife that had my hand. There we lay in the darkness, under our warm duck-feathered quilt, her arms around me grasping me tightly. She was whispering something in my ear. I struggled to hear what it was as everything sounded fuzzy. I managed to catch a couple of words and came to the conclusion it was something about how much she loved me and that things are going to be okay. ...read more.


Young, brave men, full of hatred and furious. They looked shabby from combat and death. I could still see the fire in their eyes. They would grind their teeth and growl as they raced to find me, as their twisted minds were bent on my death. As they searched through the cold frosty night I could hear their cries echo over the loud bangs of small fire arms, and of tank guns as they blasted away at nearby hilltop. Through the dense fog I could just about see them, waiting, their uniforms covered in the blood of my companions. They watch. They wait. They don't know I can see them. I don't have to see them. I hear them speaking to one another in their language which sounds like gibberish to me. I can smell their cigarettes and cheap cologne. I can almost taste their foul body odour as I breathe. Most of all, I can feel them around me, and their hatred for me piercing through me like a thousand knives. ...read more.


His mother just reached down and put her hand over his mouth, and watched as I crept away. As always, I'll get on to that awaiting helicopter, the only survivor of an accomplished mission, victorious once again. Even though the battlefield below goes out of sight, I know I'll be back. I always come back here. I can't get away from this God-forsaken place. No matter how far I run, no matter how hard I try to hide, they will always come for me. Until someday I go to a place where I can't bring them with me. How could I tell her this? I could barely live with this burden in my life. Every helicopter, bang of fire arms, drop of blood reminded me of my inhumane doings. So I lay beside her looked into her eyes and told her I loved her, blanking out the reality of my life. I wished that I could stop the hands of time and forever lay beside her, in my arms and never face reality again. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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