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Come up from the Fields Father

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Come up from the Fields Father Come up from the Fields Father is set in the American Civil War in autumn in a nice cool green environment. The poem starts with the daughter calling "Come up from the fields father....And come to the front door mother" to read a letter from "our Pete". After the initial introduction of an old man up in the fields the poem goes on to describe the weather conditions: "'tis autumn, Lo, where the trees, deeper green yellower and redder" giving the impressions of a cool green autumnal paradise. ...read more.


In the letter is written "gunshot wound in the breast, cavalry skirmish, taken to hospital, At present low, but will soon be better.". The daughter asks the mother to "Grieve not so" because "the letter says Pete will soon be better.". What the family didn't know is that Pete "is dead already". When they found out the mother "drest in black" to mourn and left her "meals untouched" . Whitman used the image of a serene cool autumnal landscape to lure the reader into a false sense of security but the only suggestion of the upset that's about to come is the mothers anxiety. ...read more.


Not only are the words in contrast but the tempo changes also, before the news of the dying son the tempo was light and serene, whereas when the mother comes running for the letter to be opened quickly the tempo changes to a much harder and heavy one. Come up from the fields father is another poem that emphasizes the pain and suffering that war causes, but unlike the other poems Whitman doesn't even try to appease those that may be against this and focuses on the upset of war not the reasons for it. ...read more.

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