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Commentary on Dorothy Parker's "Mr. Durant".

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IB English Ada Pasholli Commentary on Dorothy Parker's "Mr. Durant" 1. Summary "Mr. Durant' is a prose about a man, who he had promised his children they could keep a dog but seems to no longer want to do so. He promised so while on their back he is trying to kick the dog out of the house. He does is on their back because he wants to remain the authority figure of the house who does nothing wrong. On the other hand, to his wife he gives stupid reasons like "all the males in the neighborhood will be running after her" and "first thing you know, she'd be having puppies." Mrs. Durant is not very educated and also very ing´┐Żnues and so blindly trusts and believes whatever her husband tells her. She idolizes him because she does not read and is not very educated and therefore her husband's knowledge might impress her a lot. The family relationships where the father is the dominant figure remain the same through the whole passage. 2. Chronology/time Dorothy Parker has written this passage in such a way, tending to give actions one by one, making so the piece more intriguing and interesting. ...read more.


Durant as a very cold, distant and selfish person. The tone of the passage is very serious and desperate (fruitless) because the main character, Mr. Durant has all the power and his word for the others (his wife and children) seems to be a rule. This is shown when after he asks his daughter if he had ever "broke a promise", she replies "No Father" but "conviction was not hers" whish shows that even she wasn't convinced, she was obliged to reply so because of fear that he might get angry or react. Parker obviously doesn't have a high regard for Mr. Durant at all, however using irony she enjoys mocking his attitudes of superiority and of the one who is so full of himself that wants others to believe that he "he has never broken a promise yet." 6. Structure The passage falls into many short and long paragraphs. Usually, the short paragraphs are made of dialogues while the long ones are mainly descriptive which might signify the greater importance of the descriptions. The two longest paragraphs are mainly about two subjects: Mr. Durant's den and books. This shows that he is the main character since everything is mainly about him and also because he is always the one who gets the word. ...read more.


to his daughter while he interrupts his wife who for once was about to protest against her husband, saying "Now you just leave all that to me." This shows disrespect and impatience to listen to others and therefore might not even have the same patience to read a book. I personally, from this piece got the feeling that Mr. Durant is not a very sane person because there are many controversies on his character, like he tries to be the perfect father in his children eyes who "has never broken a promise", while on their backs beguiles them being very ambidextrous. 9. Rhythm The rhythm in this passage is very irregular for the reason that it is continually moving from "crescendo" to "decrescendo" form, creating so anxiety and tension to the readers. There is a high tension in the beginning of the passage because the author starts this passage with the word "Quiet!" which strait away gives a kind of conflict and makes the atmosphere very dramatic. Then, the author jumps into descriptions, going into a "decrescendo" form for a while. On the third part of the passage, again we have a "crescendo" in rhythm because the tension increases, especially when Mrs. Durant says 'But the children, They'll be just simply..." which in my opinion is an initial and tiny bit of revolt against her husband's opinion. Word Count: 1312 ...read more.

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