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Commenton Angela Carter's stories

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Commenton Angela Carter's stories Angela Carter subverts the convention of fairy tales, myths, fables, legends......using sensual and pellucid language without losing the elusive power of the original tales, but also through her use of imageries, significantly, imageries of sexuality, beast, color, and metaphors. She deftly subverts The Little Red Riding Hood to The Company of Wolves by twisting the end to be more creative, the girl survives at the end, but still without losing the original. In The Snow Child, she takes the convention of a Countess from the myths and legends to show the evil of a Countess by linking her to a black and cold image. ...read more.


At the beginning of The Bloody Chamber, 'burning cheek', 'the pounding of my heart', 'thrusting the train' are used to create the vividness for sexual imageries. Ambiguity, depending on the reader's interpretation, provides flexible imaginations which makes the story more fascinating. In The Werewolf, the grandmother is found as a wolf as the wolf's paw becomes a freckled hand due to old age; and as a witch as she got the witch's nipple, which her feminine is sucked up already. Anthropomorphism is also a stylistic feature of Angela Carter, humanized the animals but kept the wildness of animals, especially, the lust of wolf and the savage of beast Male characters are always beast, wolf symbolized masculinity, devastating power, lust of a man, giving an image of an animal with animal features, outlook. ...read more.


unbroken egg; she is a sealed vessel', giving a spotless image of a virgin, but is being destroyed by man during the sexual intercourse and become more ferocious as a man, an animal that she finally chopped off wolf's hand in The Werewolf, or die as in The Snow Child.. At last, women overpower the men using sexuality-feminism; females finally 'win', in The Company of Wolves, the wolf finally dies instead of the weak girl. Setting of the story is also deftly created at the beginning of the story to give the reader a general idea, image of the story and is always negative; before the climax to build up tension; and in the change of scene to advance the play. ...read more.

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