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'Communication is - awful hand between people ... '. Consider the relevance of Brick's observation to the characterisation of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof".

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'Communication is - awful hand between people ... '. Consider the relevance of Brick's observation to the characterisation of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". Communication is a key aspect in the dynamics of the characters in the play "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". This contact and interaction with the characters displays to the reader the nature of the person and the feelings they have towards each other. Communication is very important in this play to help us, as readers, understand the characters and the relationships they hold between them. The two main characters, Brick and Maggie, their relationship is important in displaying how a marriage has gone terribly wrong. Unlike Gooper and Mae, the communication between these two has virtually disappeared and they are just live in a celibate marriage; 'They're impossible conditions.' There marriage is not seen as a 'normal' one where they show love and affection it is often likened to a cage 'We occupy the same cage.' This strong metaphor evidently portrays just how their marriage has broken down and that the love had clearly gone. Maggie is often described as a cat as she is exposed as being hysterical and a very dissatisfied wife and a woman. ...read more.


This is very symbolic in representing the lack of communication between these two characters and how it has broken down. Bricks apparent indifference is not indifference at all it is because he is not interested: so Maggie is in a marriage with very little love and expression between the pair of them. Maggie has to lure Brick by hiding his alcohol; this is not normal for any marriage. They should be physically attracted to each other but Maggie only feels cruelty not love. All Maggie can do is be a 'trophy wife' and keep up appearances. In contrast to Maggie and Brick we have Gooper and Mae who have a marriage that out shines the main characters by a long way. If we look at these two characters in terms of their communication they have a very strong relationship in which talking to eachother is clearly seen. In Maggie and Bricks relationship, Maggie is at the for front doing the talking but with Mae and Gooper Mae looks after her children and Gooper is the head of the house hold. With Big Daddy's diagnosis, Mae and Gooper are very sneaky in the fact they have talked to each other and decide they should take over his state. ...read more.


They keep this from Big Mama and Big Daddy so they can plot to get Big Daddy's Estate. Whispers behind their backs, conspiracies and lies behind the family's backs: this family have no communication and are seen to just want money. For example Reverend Tooker's constant repetition of money that Big Daddy should give, 'Oh but St Paul's in Grenada has three memorial windows' 'Gus Hamma's family gave in his memory to the church'. This demonstrates that Reverend Tooker is quite hypocritical and associates with Big Daddy for his money. For example Mae and Gooper are very nice to Big Daddy and use their children to put on a big show and try to 'impress' Big Daddy; like most of the birthday guests. In looking at the characterisation of the communication in the play "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" it is clearly shown that this family and guests do not interact with one another well and often more than not lies and deceit are behind some characters. Brick and Maggie barely have a marriage, Gooper and Mae are trying to take over Big Daddy's estate, Reverend Tooker wants money and Big Daddy is unaware he is dying. They all have problems with communicating so they lie and keep secrets; the biggest secret of all Big Daddy's fate of death. Taryn Belcher-Brown 12AH Miss Bliss ...read more.

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