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Compare and Contrast “Little Black Boy” And “Sugar Cane.”

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Gareth Stacey. Compare and Contrast "Little Black Boy" And "Sugar Cane." Our first poem "Sugar Cane" is written by Grace Nichols. She is of African origin, as we can see through her use of Creole. She is a black female, she utilises a violent and aggressive tone throughout the poem and it is formed in unconventional Verses. Our other poem on the other hand uses a more polite tone and it is formed with a conventional standard and distinctive rhythm. William Blake is a white male and is of British homage, this can be seen through his use of Standard English. Although both of these poems differ greatly they both share their common message of racial inequality. They just portray these messages in different ways that are both equally effective in capturing the audience's attention. ...read more.


It also creates a kind of drama showing that the sugar cane is only grown to be cut back down again. "Slowly pain- fully sugar cane pushes his knotted joints upwards from the earth" As shown above, this piece of the text describes the sugar cane growing and showing that it is struggling to breakthrough the earth. "knotted joints", "painfully." There are some words that are common in both texts. References to "colour" occur in both poems. In "Little Black Boy" it is said that his colour "is but a cloud, and like a shady grove." This shows, as I have already written, that the boy considers his colour to be a burden to him. In "sugar cane" "his colour is the aura of jaundice when he is ripe." This shows that the black slaves are unhealthy because of mistreatment. ...read more.


This shows that the black boy believes that for his suffering on earth, in heaven he will become more wise that the white boy and will protect him. In the sugar cane the message is a little stronger. It shows how much of an impact we can have on other peoples lives. "just before the hurricane strike smashing him to pieces." The white man is portrayed as the hurricane. This quote shows of the damage we are doing to people because they are not of our race. Both of these are strong moral messages in their own way, but the strongest one to me would have to be "sugar cane." Although "little black boy" has a strong religious message, it isn't that affective to people who do not follow religion. Grace Nichols poem is much more assertive through its language and the use of Creole seems to mimic the collective voice of the black race. It shows exactly how much damage we can cause to each other without consciously realising it. ...read more.

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